I got bored… So, I became an Artist!

To be more exact, I got really worried waiting for the release of my exam results yesterday. So, I went to the nearest shopping mall, got a few painting kits like canvas, brushes, paints, and decided to start painting. The thing is… I hated the subject Art Education (Pendidikan Seni) when I was in school. Hated it so much.. Haha..

Who would have thought, me. Painting. The surprising part is that… I liked it!


The end result didn’t turn out great but heck, as long as I’m enjoying myself right?

So, here you go. My first ever painting:

My First Ever

Acrylic Paint on 7″ X 9″ Canvas Panel

Since I enjoyed it, I went out again today to get some extra canvas, and paints. Can’t wait to continue.

Below is an art critic commenting on my work.

Highly Acclaimed Art Critic
P.S. My results turned out to be OK as well. Phew! I guess my life in uni is extended by another semester.

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