My Girlfriend’s Experience with a Shoe Store

Recently, my girlfriend went shoe-shopping in One Utama in Bandar Utama.

She went to this shop that sells Skechers shoes. (Can’t remember the name)

There were two sales assistants. A lady and a dude.

She took a pair and proceed to the check-out. The lady said “If you don’t mind, fill in your details in our guest book. We’ll keep you up to date with our latest news and discounts.”

My girlfriend said “Ok” and filled in her name and mobile number. (I told her many many times before to not do this! Haih..)

At the checkout, she also said “Abang kat belakang tu kirim salam”

The next day, she received a a random SMS. It reads:

“Hi. I’m from the Skechers Store yesterday. Boleh berkenalan?”


Naturally, she ignored the SMS.

I just can’t believe that guy has got the balls courage to do these sort of things.

After hearing this story from my girlfriend, I seriously considered reporting him for harassment. He’s lucky I was too busy.

P.S. I was not with her at the time.

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