Malaysia Mega Property Showcase 2007

> 8 Premier Bankers
> 80 Reputable Developers
> 220 Project Development
> 800 Million Ringgit Worth of Properties on Display

Man, that sounds huge doesn’t it?

I went to the Malaysia Mega Property Showcase last Sunday at the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) to keep myself up to date with the latest on-goings of the Malaysian property market.

Sad to say, I was MEGA-ly dissapointed.

It was not as how I expected it to be. I assume that, when you put MEGA in your ad, that means, it’s going to be something big. I thought it was going to be held in a humongous exhibition hall. But… Sadly… The showcase was set up at the PWTC foyer, which is a rather a small area.

My first impression was “Ini je ke?” (Is this it?)

Also, there were numerous off-the-plan and “under construction” projects being promoted there, which to me, are unsuitable for property investors. To me, I’d go for properties that have been completed or already on the market for some time.

Why? It’s mainly because properties that are already on the market have track records (i.e. you know how they have performed). You get to research what the rent is like, will there be prospective tenants, what are the prospects of the area, and etc. Properties that are yet to be completed run the risk of delayed completion date. How many times have there been projects being delayed by years or projects being abandoned?

On another matter, at the showcase, there were booths promoting credit cards.

“Cik, kredit kad cik”
“cik, kredit kad percuma cik”

Public Mutual was also there. One could only wonder the relevance between credit card offers & Public Mutual with Property Showcases. It could be, use your credit card to pay for your property’s down payment (which I don’t think you can do), and invest in Public Mutual first, then buy your property. Well, who knows. I just thought that it was rather really irrelevant for them to be there.

Anyway, it’s good to see how the Malaysian property market is like, to see what sort of developments are coming up, to estimate house prices, and etc.

All in all, how dissapointing an event can be, I always hold to the belief that there are always something new and something useful you can learn and take home for future utilisation.

Will I go again next year? Well, if the showcase is pretty much the same, probably not.

P.S. I wish the organisers could validate my parking ticket and save me RM3! 😛

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