My Blog is 3 months old and I’m back in Brisvegas!

Wow, it’s been a while since I have last updated my blog. Been kind of busy lately.

Anyway, I returned to Australia a few days ago. My flight was on the evening of 23rd January. I arrived on the 24th. As usual, it was a pretty boring and frustrating flight. Nothing to do on board the Air Asia’s D7 2702. Did a bit of reading and most of the time, was trying to sleep. I wonder how some people can just doze off and not wake up for hours!

While the cabin crews were serving the food, I heard some pretty interesting conversation between them. There’s this gal named ‘R‘, she said to the other crew..

“Yang, yang…. I ada bonus question untuk you…”

“Tadi, ada passenger tanya I.. Ni coffee I serve ni instant ke..”

“Dia orang ni… Mesti lah instant… Mana ada masa nak brew coffee masa masa macam sekarang ni..”

Hehe. Ada masa pulak kutuk passengers!

I thought of snapping a few photos/videos on board the aircraft, but due to my frustration and boredom, I couldn’t be bothered.

So, I’ll post up a few photos I took in Malaysia. For now, all photos of food. Hehe.

First up, some satay.


Next, KFC’s XL Burger. Pretty large, though the meat inside, penipu! πŸ˜›

KFC XL Burger

Kek Gula Hangus…

Kek Gula Hangus

My favourite. My mum’s Mee Goreng. Just can’t get enough of this.

Mee Goreng

Secret Recipe’s Chocolate Banana Cake… Drool….

Chocolate Banana

Some Middle Eastern sweets that my mum’s friend bought in Dubai. Not too bad actually.

Dubai Sweets

Last but not least…. Mummy’s Sambal Terung….. Naaaaaaaaaak…… Just that you can’t eat too much of these. You’re going to get a lot of gas. Eat a lot and there you go, you’ll fart all night. Hehe.

Sambal Terung

Upon arrival, the customs and immigration went rather smoothly. My Ikan Bilis, Maggi, and Udang Kering got through (Phew, thank goodness).

This time around, it’ll be my first time taking public transport from Gold Coast all the way to Brisbane. My God it was a long journey. I think we got out of the airport terminal at around 8 o’clock and I got home around 11.30. Yeah, more than 3 hours.

First, we had to take the airport shuttle to the nearest local bus stop. Then take a local bus to the railway station. Amazingly, it took about an hour to get to the railway station. The train trip from Gold Coast to Brisbane also took more than an hour. Arriving in Brisbane, I then took another bus, heading home.

However, the best thing was, the total fare from the airport to my house was only… wait for it…. AUD6.50!!! Yeah, just one ticket that cost me AUD6.50. Yes, it did take more than 3 hours but nothing can beat paying only AUD6.50! If you rent a car, it’ll cost you around AUD70 to more than AUD100 for a compact car. If you had taken a taxi, I bet it’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars. So, for AUD6.50, nothing beats that!

On another matter, my blog celebrated her 3 months anniversary 7 days ago! Woohoo!

As you have noticed, I have not really gone into too much details on strategies I have employed and will employ to achieve my target of financial freedom. Well, I plan to maintain this blog for years to come, so, it is befitting that I do not release everything too early! πŸ™‚

If I write everything now, then there’s no point for people to frequent my blog anymore πŸ˜‰

I also have some plans to ramp up the quality of my blog.

So, bear with me, be patient and do visit this blog more often! πŸ™‚

I’d also appreciate if you could give me some feedbacks and suggestions through the contact page.

Till next time folks.

Oh, before that, just thought of sharing a really nice song. Foundations by Kate Nash. Amir, you’re going to love the accent. Hahaha.


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