Updates of my Asus Eee PC

Here are some updates of my Asus Eee PC.

Well, first of all, as expected, it is very easy to use. Linux is serving me pretty well so far!

Also, very portable. I hardly realised that I’ve got it in my bag. In between classes (or in the classes 😛 ), I just pop out the Asus Eee PC, connect to the on-campus wireless network, and voilà, I’m on the web.

CFD Trading on my Asus Eee PC was okay. I’d prefer to use my standard 15.4″ laptop with external monitor, but when I don’t have access to the mentioned gadgets, Asus Eee PC has become a life saviour.

Running my online trading platform, is it slow? Surprisingly, no.

Just that, hardware-wise, I have to say, the standard 512MB RAM can be rather limiting. Running multiple programs at the same time can be frustrating. Of course, I can’t upgrade my RAM due to the fact that if I open the RAM bay, I’ll void the warranty. WTF Asus!!!

Another thing, the trackpad. My goodness, a nightmare! Not because it is small. The size is fine. Just that, there’s a bit of a problem with using the double-tapping feature. Quite a number of times, the trackpad won’t register that you have just double-tapped. So, I opted for the wireless notebook mouse instead. Much handier.

Battery life, not so bad. I watched a 1-hour-40-minute movie and by the end of the movie, the battery meter records 30% battery life left.

So, that’s all for now. I might share some tips and tricks on Asus EeePC later on.

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