Sufiah Yusof’s Family Blog: Correcting the Misconceptions (Shilpa Lee)

A fellow blogger just shared a useful information on the going-ons of Sufiah Yusof, or better known as Shilpa Lee now. Thanks Raf!

It’s of an article presumably written by the Yusof family (written by Halimahton herself maybe?) about the affairs surrounding Sufiah Yusof.

Have a look at the blog here >>>

Have a look at this particular post here >> . It is an answer to some of the misconceptions of the Yusof family.

Unfortunately, I have to say, it still doesn’t change the fact that Sufiah and her brothers and sisters might have gone through a pretty torturous life under the guidance of the father. Also, my earlier opinion of butchering one’s childhood life still stands.


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