8 Random Facts about Myself

I’ve been tagged by both Irdzra and Cikgu Azleen. Thanks guys! Both tags are pretty similar, which is to list out 8 facts about myself, so I’m going to group them together here.

Here are 8 facts about me:

1. Finds Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix extraordinarily charming 😀

2. Am not enjoying university one bit. By university, I mean my academic life. Apart from uni, I’m actually enjoying my life.

3. Pretty obsessed with books. I’ve got a few thousand books here with me at the moment. And… no… Haven’t read all of them yet 😛

4. Aspire to become a full-time trader. And also a good one, mind you. The ultimate dream is to be invited on CNBC or Bloomberg and asked to comment on the outlook of the global economy, outlook of Gold, and etc.

5. Have a bucket list (a list of things to do before I “kick the bucket”) of my own which includes quite a number of things like skydiving, getting a flying license, backpacking in Europe, and….. having 13 children.

6. Scared of reptiles, especially lizards! Uurrggghhhh. House lizards scares me the most. There’s this one time, I spent a few hours chasing (with the intention to kill) a lizard at the place I’m currently staying in (It’s a pretty small place though). Yeah, managed to corner the lizard and poured boiling hot water on it. Muahaha.

7. Loves to question authority even though I might be wrong and might make me the least liked fellow of the bunch.

8. Plans to have a private equity firm of my own one day.

Now, I’ll be tagging 16 fellow bloggers (suppose to be only 8 but what the heck!) to list out 8 random facts about themselves. Tag another 8 bloggers after that guys!

1. Magical Milestone
2. Dr. Azwan
3. Sebolku
4. Ohsocrystal
5. Raf
6. Tabuxander
7. ChampDog
8. MyHeartBleeds
9. Pakdi
10.Sir Ashcroft
11.Red Kites
13.Si Kumbang
14.Mohd Hafez
15.Kennysia (not expecting him to do it though)
16.Anak Ramalan

Now, song time. Michael Buble’s “Lost”



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