Teacher-Student Sexual Harassment – True Story

The topic of the day is sexual harassment. Aisyahrozi talked about her experience. Mohd Ismail talked about his. Now, I’ll talk about my experience.

Well, it’s actually not about me being sexually harassed. It’s about a friend of mine.

This happened when I was in primary school. I think it was in standard 3.

The perpetrator = A married female teacher (I’m assuming she was already married).

The victim = a boy.

I can’t actually remember the details of everything but I think it was about 10 to 20 minutes before going home when we didn’t have any work to do and everybody was supposed to sit still and keep quiet. Duduk diam dan senyap!

At that time, my friend was crying for some reason.

The teacher walked around and stopped beside him and said something like:

“Alaa, kenapa nangis ni?”

And then, she casually put her hand into his shirt and rubbed his nipples. Yup, that was not a typo folks. N-I-P-P-L-E-S.

How did I know? Well, because of the next thing she said:

“Eeee, ape ni? Tetek? Ni tetek ni..”

And continued she did rubbing him.

Back then, I thought to myself, blehh, nothing serious. Plus, it was a lady who did it. Not a dude. If it was a dude doing it to a girl, then it was a different matter.

But thinking about it now, that can be considered as a classic text-book example of sexual harassment! Don’t you think so?


So, you out there? Been sexually harassed before?

Now, I’d like to share a rendition of Sara Bareilles’ Gravity. These folks sang it beautifully.



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