I don’t believe in religions!

The title caught your attention didn’t it? And yes, I do believe in God, mind you.

Last year, I was involved in the executive committee of a religious organisation at my university and we organised an information talk about God.

After the talk, we had some refreshments and some casual mingling. I and a few others had a chat with this lovely lady who happens to not believe in God. “I’m an atheist”, she says. She claims that religion is the cause of all the instabilities in the world and one shouldn’t believe in these… “Gods”. Everybody is killing each other because of differing opinions in the meaning of God and the “right way” to live a life.

Our response was, what rules do we follow to live our lives then? She replied, “Use common sense.”

We then said “Whose common sense do we follow? My common sense is not the same as your common sense. My personal understanding of what is right might be wrong in your eyes. To the malays, using your hands to eat is a norm, to others, it is an act to be frowned upon. To Hitler, what he did was just. To others, what Hitler did was barbaric and unspeakable. To Bush and his supporters, what he is doing is necessary. To those on the receiving end, he is evil. To some, a one night stand is just a “fun” thing to do, to another, it’s a definite no-no. So, the question is, whose common sense do we follow?”

Now, that’s the reason why we need to have a belief of the higher authority and have a uniform rules and standards. Unfortunately, rules and standards can still be interpreted wrongly.

P.S. Please take note that I am not an expert in theology.


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