200th Post! ANDA Coin, Note & Stamp Show 2008

Guess what folks? It’s my 200th post! Yippee!

To celebrate my 200th post, in this entry, I’ll be talking about an exhibition that I attended last weekend. It was the Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association (ANDA) Coin, Note and Stamp Show.

It was my first time ever to attend such events, and it was an interesting one. I spent, give or take, about 4 hours in the exhibition hall walking around, browsing albums, and making purchases. Up for sale were items like the earliest coins, Roman coins, colonial coins and bank notes, Australian coins and banknotes, world coins and banknotes, stamps, and not to forget…a piece of Australian banknote that has the value of AUD250,000 attached to it. Yup, that was not a typo. And somebody actually bought the banknote.

I also made a few acquisitions for myself (though nowhere near the amount of AUD250,000!!). I will share some pictures of the items I acquired in the next posts. The Penny Black also entered my stamp collection on that day 🙂

I even bought myself a proper tweezer and illuminated magnifying glass. The original ones that I had were for kids! Now, I can be more serious with this venture.

Stay tuned!


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