When I’m bored of studying, I make cheese cake!

It’s really an amazing phenomenom that when I’m supposed to be studying, I’ll always be able to find an excuse to do something else. Be it reading people’s blogs, updating my own, watching YouTube, and the list goes on. Another fun job to do during exam season is cooking and baking! And last week, I made cheese cake.

Here are some photos…

Yup, instant cheese cake. Hehe.

First up, melt the butter..

Crushed Biscuits (is that what they are called? Hehe) emptied into a bowl

Then mix the butter with the crushed biscuits..

Combine them..

Once done, set them in a cake pan..

Now get a fresh bowl and pour milk into the bowl..

Empty the “whatever-you-call” in the other packet into the bowl..

It’ll look like this..

Now, use an electric mixer..

Until it resembles the top part of a cheese cake 🙂

Lick lick..

And on to the cake pan..

Now make it look a like a cake..

Leave it in the fridge until it hardens (it took me about a day) and here’s the end result..

I don’t have a proper cake knife, so…

So, there you go 😉

I know what you’re thinking. “Sempat lagi ambil gambar..”


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