The Nikon D80 Twin Lens Kit: A decision two years in the making

After two years of deciding which digital camera to go for, I finally acquired my very own digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. Previously, it was all about hand me downs, but this one is pretty special. I paid for it with my own money. So, yeah, I’m pretty stoked!

Initially, two years ago, when I was in the market for cameras, I was pretty interested with the Canon 350D and the one level up Canon 400D. Then I thought, hmmm, they might be too big for me (portability wise), so I scouted for the Canon G9 (excellent little device I tell ya).

Fast forward two years later, after looking at countless amount of catalogue, I’ve decided to stick with the SLRs. Yes, they are big, hard to carry, and etc., but the things you can do with them are endless. I’ve now settled with the Nikon D80. The package that I bought includes two lenses. The 18-55mm and the 70-300mm – paparazzi-wannabe-lens. 😛

Here’s an experience I want to share with you. At the checkout counter, as I was about to make payment, I had those butterfly-in-your-stomach feeling. You know, those types that you get when you’re falling in love. But this time, it’s not about falling love with the Nikon D80 but rather, it’s about of being scared of parting with a huge sum of money. In fact, it’s like the feeling of entering an examination hall without doing much preparation for the exam!

The first time around, my credit card was rejected. I told the lady that I’ll come back in a few minutes to withdraw some money from the bank. What I was thinking was “if I want to bolt, this is my chance!”. Hehe. But in the end, I still bought the camera. Phew… After 2 years…

Whatever it is, so far, I’m liking the camera. A lot!


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