Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim: Countdown to the Government Change on the 16th September?

So, what do you guys think? Will 16th September materialise? Will we have a new government?

In my honest opinion, I don’t think it will happen. Even if it did, to me, that’s not democracy in action. That’s just a bunch of politicians defecting. However, if indeed we’ll have a new government come 16th September 2008, I do hope it’ll be a change for the better, not the worse.

Whatever it is, I hope Malaysia’s financial markets won’t be affected much further. It seems, the political instability we’re having in Malaysia is one contributing factor to the volatility we’re seeing. Now, don’t get me wrong. Volatile conditions has been interesting and was treated as a platform for me to learn and discover myself. I have been performing pretty alright on the trading front, just not investing.  Positive returns for my trading equity but deep in the red for my investment capital. Wouldn’t it be great if roses are red, skies are blue, and everything in the world is fine for investors and traders again?

Experts can say a lot of things about Malaysia’s prospects and whatnots but at the end of the day, all that do not matter. What matters is investor’s perception. You can have brilliant prospects but if it’s not in line with the market, you’re nowhere.

Boy of boy, did I pick the right time to get serious with my investments in Malaysia.

How I wish I could short the Malaysian market. Well, bleh.

Anyway, whatever happens, we soldier on. Hang in there folks. Hang in there.


Disclaimer: This article is not a specific nor general advice on managing or investing your money. This article does not constitute a recommendation nor does it take into account your investment objectives, financial situation nor particular needs.

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