Sudah lama ku tidak mengikuti perkembangan dunia dan mengemaskini blogku

…And there’s a good reason to that. Apart from being excessively busy for the last couple of weeks, my internet connection has been speed-limited. Reason? Well, I’ve gone over my download quota for the month. Adoiiii.… It’ll reset in the next couple of days, thankfully.

Haih… More than a week without lightning fast broadband was hell. Reminds me of Malaysia, that’s for sure.

It took forever to upload just a simple post.

Anyway, some of the things I plan to blog about in the next couple of weeks:

– rough guide to credit cards
– budgeting
– many photos
– Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Negara (SSPN)
– Zakat
– Sunday market
– what I think will happen if Anwar Ibrahim takes power
– and more.

I also plan to visit other bloggers more often!

Ok, till then.


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