Sunday Market: Your Items are faulty, I want my money back!

In the business of product selling, from time to time, you’ll face clients who’d like to do exchanges or even refunds due to the items bought being faulty. I don’t have a problem with that. In fact, the law demands it. What I have problems with is that some of them are just flat out lying.

Here are a couple of examples.

The first one was when I was starting out. It was this dude who bought a rechargeable torchlight from me. Exactly four weeks later, he came to my shop and told me that the item is “no good” and wants to exchange in the form of a store credit. I asked what’s wrong? He then babbled about the torch being faulty and etc. I then made a mistake by not inspecting the unit first and simply acknowledged his request for a store credit. After he left, I had a look at the torchlight. Guess what? The torch was wet and the charger was broken… Faulty my tushie.

The second one happened about a month ago. This lady bought a couple of huge travel bags from me. Note that I’m also using one of the bags myself. It has accompanied me in two of my trips (RETURN TRIPS) to Malaysia without any problems whatsoever. Anyway, after about a week, the lady comes back and says that the zippers on the two bags broke the first time she tried it out. I said fine, just bring it back and I’ll issue a refund. Again, I made a mistake by not inspecting the bags. For she was one of our regular customers, I trusted her. Later, upon checking the bags, I discovered that they were battered… As if they have been used for many many times. Complete with traces of animal fur and excessive wear and tear (on top of the broken zippers of course). My goodness lady, what are you trying to pull here?

Really, I don’t have a problem with honest folks wanting a refund for TRULY faulty items but trying to get your money back for damaged items that was of your own doing is just bulllcrap to me.


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