Nikon Creative Lighting System: Digital Field Guide (J. Dennis Thomas)

Title: Nikon Creative Lighting System: Digital Field Guide
Author: J. Dennis Thomas
ISBN: 978-0-470-04527-5
Number of pages: approximately 201 pages

Venturing into the world of photography, I find myself very much interested in the area of strobing and speedlights. Granted, I’m pretty much a beginner in that area (aren’t we all), but I am intrigued with things you can achieve with speedlights (flashes).

So, what is this book about? In one respect, it is a much more interesting version of your SB-600 and SB-800 speedlights’ manuals. A lot of the mentioned speedlights’ features are covered, and the author also shares some tips on how to utilise your speedlights to its fullest extent.

A very useful and interesting book indeed. Finished reading it in one sitting.

I give the book 8 out of 10 stars. It has definitely earned a place to be in my camera bag, beside my camera’s manuals, and my notepad.


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