Conversations with Bim and Tam: 17th January 2009

I have a good friend named Qil and I have been his confidante for some time. He talks to me about everything, be it his joys or his perils. Well, he talks mostly about his perils really. One topic that often comes up in our many conversations is about his ever so frequent conflicts between him and his parents, Bim and Tam. Qil gets really frustrated when often, Bim and Tam just couldn’t understand him. They couldn’t understand what he needs. They couldn’t understand his pain. They JUST couldn’t understand his situation. Perhaps they are just too clouded with their pride. Can’t blame anyone really. It’s just two sets of thinking at work.

In saying that, in this series, I will share with you some of the conversations that Qil had with Bim and Tam.

This series will look at the clashes of minds between two generations.

In determining who is right or wrong, well, it’s up to you.

Alright, here’s the first one.

As we all are aware of, we are having one of the worst financial crisis in history. Some say that for most, this is something that happens once in a lifetime.

Well, recently, Qil came across some money and thought that it might be wise to top up his investment (yeah, Qil is an investment nutcase like me as well! haha).

Qil: Hmmmm… What do I do with this money…

Bim: Save them in the bank. Don’t spend them.

Qil: Perhaps I should top up my mutual funds investment. They look pretty cheap at the moment.

Tam: NOOOOOOO!!! Don’t do that. You’ve already got a lot in there and you’re losing money now. DON’T BE GREEDY!! Just keep it in your savings account! DON’T BE GREEDY!

Qil: Greedy? What do you mean greedy? To think about investing my money is greed? It’s for my future for God’s sake.


Guess where the money ended? Yeah, in the savings account.

I must say, a savings account is a good place to depreciate your money in the long run. Boy, do I wish Qil has got the guts to defy his parents for once.


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