Can I still achieve what I plan to achieve by the time I’m 30?

Truly, the global financial crisis that we are facing right now is taking a toll on me.

My unit trust investment with Public Mutual is down around 35%, and my CFD trading activities is crippling. I’m still making money with CFD but my bank balance is advancing very very slowly. One day I’m up a few hundred dollars and the next day, I’m down a few hundred dollars. I made a loss last quarter but it’s getting better this quarter (I hope). Whatever it is, my trading performance is beating my unit trust investment performance but of course, I can’t be comparing them two. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Anyway, I’m still confident that in the long-term, my Public Mutual investment will pull through (Of course I’m going to say that. What else can I say? Hehehe).

The question that keeps on playing in my mind is this >> Will I still be able to achieve what I want to achieve (i.e. Financial Freedom) by the time I reach 30 years old? The current crisis is truly making things harder. I can’t even begin to imagine how in the world am I going to negotiate my salary when it’s time for me to formally enter the workforce. Well, the employers has got the upper hand for the time being.

On the other hand, I have to say that I am pretty grateful that I have to face this thing at such an early age. At least, I could learn a thing or two during the early parts of my wealth-making venture about the dangers of over leveraging and the danger that lurks within the financial market.

Oh well, life is full of challenges. I guess that’ll make life a little more interesting huh?


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