Keretaku kecil hati agaknya

It was an eventful week last week for my car. Mungkin dia kecil hati sebab aku panggil dia Kuda Tua.

Here are the problems that I had with my car last week:

1. Punctured rear tyre.

2. Had to change the headlight bulb.

3. On the same day as (1) and (2), the rear power window won’t work anymore and the window just slides down whenever I drive. Had to use some packaging tape to keep the window from sliding down.

4. Car servicing is due. Have to send her in before more problems surface.

Moral of the story: I have to treat her better from now on. Give her a bath more often or something like that. Dia sudah banyak berjasa untukku.

P.S. A very big thank you to Mr. Ed for helping me last week with the tyre. Cheers mate!


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