Where do I stand now? Financially speaking of course.

I’ve been blogging about financial freedom for nearly 2 years now. I’ve started my journey towards financial freedom for even longer than that. So, where do I stand now, financially speaking?


I’ve been trading stocks and CFDs for nearly 4 years. I’ve been able to stay profitable for all these years, and hopefully for a very long time.

I’ve reduced my trading stake due to the lack of certainty we’re having right now. I’ve already reinvested quite a significant proportion of my profits into a new business venture.

So far, for the past few months, my trading account has been advancing, but very very slowly. Snail pace.

Investment (General)

I’ve parked a huge sum of money in a number of Public Mutual unit trust funds. They’re not doing so well at the moment. I’m experiencing a drawdown of around 40%.

Talking about emergency reserves for those rainy days, I’m currently halfway in reaching my first target of 6 months worth of expected salary.


I’ve also expanded in this area, but I won’t go into too much details. Not yet anyway.


Not much has happened. I’m still finishing up my degree in Australia.


I’ve had a few business ventures in the past, in which most has yielded me some profts as well as a whole lot of experience.

I am in the process of launching a few other ventures.

That’s all for now. For others out there fighting the same battle, God speed.


Disclaimer: This article is not a specific nor general advice on managing or investing your money. This article does not constitute a recommendation nor does it take into account your investment objectives, financial situation nor particular needs.

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