Really, what’s the point?

What’s the point of us attending lectures and gaining knowledge? Is it for the purpose of passing exams? Or is it because it might be useful for us in the real world?

Starting from a couple of days ago, the lecturer for one of my subjects in university will be spending the weeks up till the exam season preparing for that dreaded day. As a result, she will rob us of the time that could have been used to discuss case studies and learn about the real world.

We’re in university now. We are expected to exercise a level of maturity and be expected to prepare for the exams on our own. The lecture sessions are supposed to be utilised in learning new things, not merely preparing for exams.

University is more than about getting distinctions. It’s supposed to equip us with knowledge that we carry throughout our lives.

If all that matters is to get amazing results and amazing results only, then what is the point of a university?


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