Treading the walk of financial freedom alone

The journey of wealth creation can be fascinating and exhilarating, though sometimes it can be tiring and frustrating. Being alone in the journey can sometimes be rather de-motivating. Let’s face it, we’re human beings. It can be hard at times to keep us focussed on our objectives.

If one has a partner or partners to share the journey with, the journey itself would be more interesting. They can learn from each other and they can even motivate each other.

Even better, in that journey, you have formed yourself a husband-and-wife team (or boyfriend-and-girlfriend team for that matter). You now have a full-time partner to assist you in your investments and businesses. Things will be much easier.

For those who have formed a husband-and-wife team with both of the participants being passionate about financial freedom, then that’s great. More often than not, this is hard to come by.

What happens if you are in a relationship where you are really passionate on investments and businesses while your partner couldn’t care less? Man, that would be hard. Sometimes, it could even lead to relationships falling apart. One practices delayed gratification while another adopts the “enjoy life now” attitude.

I guess, to solve this problem needs a lot of give-and-take and understanding between the partners. Perhaps, one could persuade his/her partner to hold off enjoying life for a moment, live in “hell” for a little while, and harvest the fruits of financial freedom much later in life. Then only they can enjoy life to the fullest. It’s hard sometimes, getting to the pleasant destination of financial freedom needs hard work and a rather large sacrifice. I need to convince myself of this as well!

All in all, treading the trail alone is fine if you are able to find drivers to motivate you all the time, but having someone to assist you is even more pleasant.

To end this post, let’s enjoy a couple of nice songs.




Disclaimer: This article is not a specific nor general advice on managing or investing your money. This article does not constitute a recommendation nor does it take into account your investment objectives, financial situation nor particular needs.

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