Apply First Aid Course & Barista Course

I went to a couple of cool courses in the past month. One was the “Apply First Aid” Course and the other was a “Barista” course.

1. Apply First Aid Course

Pretty good actually. They taught us how to do CPR on adults and babies, operate the defibrillator, and also how to treat some common medical emergencies.

Definitely a fun day!

I do hope that I don’t ever have to use the skills that I learned in this course but it’s good to just be prepared you know.

2. Barista Course

I also had loads of fun in this one. Learned about what it takes to make a good cup of coffee. I learned how to grind the coffee beans, operate the espresso machine, make perfect froth, and etching and free-pouring techniques.

There were not too many people in the class, so the instructor can pay extra attention to you. Best of all, they give you a few certificates and also a set of TAFE certificates plus academic transcript.

Below is a picture of a cup of coffee that I made a few days ago. Oh, did I tell you that I bought an el-cheapo espresso machine a day after the course? Well, you have to practise right? Hahaha.


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