Salam and hi everyone!

The name of the blogger is Faliq and I have been writing under the pseudonym of Nadlique since the blog was started back when I was 21 years old. Currently I’m 27, going to be 28 soon. For those who have been reading my blog for quite sometime, do continue calling me Nadlique! 🙂

What does Nadlique mean anyway? Well, my wife’s name is Nadia. So, Nadia + Faliq = Nad-Lique. Get it?

I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I’ve spent more than 5 years in Brisbane, Australia with the hope of expanding my mind as well as my knowledge. I studied Accountancy in Brisbane. Started off with Law and Accountancy but ended up dropping law because I was too busy doing other things whilst at uni!

Where am I now? Well, I’m back in KL!

Apart from some accountancy background, I’m also a qualified Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP). It’s a a world-class qualification which is jointly awarded by the Estate Planning Practitioners Limited (EPPL) of Singapore and The Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners of United Kingdom. The qualification is also endorsed by the Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC). At the time of writing, there are less than 200 people in Malaysia that bears the AEPP designation after their name.

I’m also an Associate Financial Planner of Malaysia (AFPM), a designation awarded by the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM). I’m on my way to completing my financial planning programme and will be entitled to put the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) credentials after my name. Wish me luck!

Currently, I am running a few businesses with my wife. Have a look at this page here to know more about our ventures.

I am passionate of the idea of being financially free, thus the emergence of this blog. This blog will revolve around the topic of money, investments, equities, real estate and business, which are the essence of one’s journey towards financial freedom. My thoughts on life in general will also be shared.

This blog is not meant to be a platform to force people to do or not to do something but rather as a platform for me to share my journey. This blog is my journal. I’m not here to impose my idealism on others but rather sharing whatever little knowledge that I have.

Apart from investments and financial freedom, I am passionate about:

1. Entrepreneurship – At the moment, I regard myself as a full-time entrepreneur and business owner, having to manage a few businesses under my wing.

2. Aviation – Having been exposed to aircrafts all my life, I am working towards being licensed to fly one day.

3. Writing – Always had an inkling on writing. Not a good writer but at least I can share my ideas and make new friends.

Come on board and share your stories as well. It would be lovely to be able to make some new friends over here. After all, what’s the purpose of life if you can’t share it with another person, no?

What is financial freedom?

My definition of Financial Freedom: Deriving passive income from your investments or businesses or both that exceed your total expenses.
  As for me, I am working hard (well, I do like to think that I am somewhat working hard) to be financially free by 30 years old. I have adopted some high-risk strategies and some medium-risk strategies in my wealth-creating arsenal. I am adamant in making things work out as planned.  
Have a look at my entry on “What is Financial Freedom”.


Disclaimer:  Information on this blog has been assembled without regard to any particular person’s investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs because site visitors come from diverse backgrounds, with diverse objectives and financial situations. Information provided is of the nature of a general comment only and neither purports nor intends to be, specific trading advice. Information should not be considered as an offer or enticement to buy, sell or trade. This site and any sites linked to this site are not designed to replace your Financial Consultant or your Stockbroker. You should seek appropriate advice from your broker, or licensed investment or financial advisor, before taking any action. As I have discovered, direct investing in the Stock Market or investing in general can result in financial loss. The decision to trade and invest, and the methods are for the reader alone to decide.

Nadlique.com and its associates expressly disclaim all and any liability to any person, whether a reader or purchaser of any items available from this or linked sites or not, in respect of anything and of the consequences of anything done or omitted to be done by any such person in reliance, whether whole or partial, upon the whole or any part of the contents or information obtained. Nadlique.com and its associates will not accept liability for any loss, damage or expense incurred or suffered by you if you rely on any information provided in making investment decisions.

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