The Most Expensive Char Kuey Teow

Char Kuey Teow

The most expensive Char Kuey Teow I’ve ever eaten. AUD9.50 or in Malaysian Ringgit, MYR28.50. It’s absolutely delish though. 🙂

If you ever come down to Brisbane, go to Satay Club Noodle House in Charlotte Street. Kind of expensive, but it’s all worth it. If my dad or my mom reads this, I’m dead. Takpe lah ma, sekali sekala je.

By the way, delightful things deserve bigger pictures don’t you agree? 😉

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  1. halal ke kedai makan tu mate?

    aku ragu-ragu betul nak makan kat situ. beribu kali jalan kat charlotte st (blakang queen st)

    aku rela pegi harbour town (nando’s) halal dari makan kat situ. puas hati kau makan ayam kat sana, sedap tapi blanja xtra duit la!

    ayam mentah mmg senang, pegi kat fortitude valley tapi kalau masak sendiri tak best arrr.

  2. Mesti la halal 🙂

    Takkanlah aku nak makan kat kedai tak halal kot. Haha.

    Aku pernah makan kat Nando’s harbour town. Plus, dekat around Brisbane pun banyak Nando’s Halal.

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