Borrow to Invest : ASB Loan Part 1

In Malaysia, undoubtedly Amanah Saham Bumiputera or ASB is the hottest product amongst the Bumiputeras. Refer to my previous ASB post. There are a number of strategies out there in investing in ASB. One of it is taking up ASB loan. So, is it worth it? In this post, I’ll be analysing ASB loan method. The analysis is a bit mathematical, so, bear with me. Please take note that this analysis is based on a number of assumptions. Also, please remember that as I am not an expert, this analysis is of my own and is subject to error. Consult your licensed financial adviser. Alright, that being out of the way, let’s get on with the analysis.


  • Loan amount: $50,000.00
  • Loan tenure: 10 years or 120 months
  • Interest rate: 6.25% per annum or 0.5208% per month
  • ASB rate: 7% per annum or 0.5833% per month
  • Inflation is disregarded
  • Time Value of Money Formulas are used
  • All dividend incomes are not withdrawn at all
  • Interests and ASB dividends are compounded monthly

The Situation:
Ahmad Ping Pong is a Malaysian Bumiputera. He works as a circus freak earning $2000 per month. He plans to own his own circus empire in 10 years time. Thus, he needs to invest his money to realise that dream. Due to him being a conservative investor, he chose ASB as his investment vehicle. So, he sat down and did some calculations using formulas he obtained from :). He came up with two ideas:

Scenario 1 (ASB Loan Method)

He takes up a $50,000.00 ASB loan and invests it in his ASB account for 10 years. This is without withdrawing the dividend income at all and let it compound. He will service his monthly repayments with his salary. Here are his calculations:


PV = loan amount
FV= amount in the future
A = monthly repayments

r = interest rate
n = time period in months

Interest rate of 0.5208% per month is used to calculate repayments.

A = Monthly Repayments = $561.39

His total payments
$561.39 X 120 months = $67,366.80

Total interests paid
$67,366.80 – $50,000 (principal) = $17,366.80.

Remember that the ASB loan was invested right away in his ASB account. Thus after 10 years, the balance will be:

ASB Rate of 0.5833% per month is used

FV = $100,479.07

Balance minus costs (interests):

$100,479.07 – $17,366.80 = $83,112.27

The balance at the end of 10 years is $100,479.07.

Scenario 2 (Monthly Deposits Method)

Ahmad Ping Pong is scared of loans. He thought that loans are works of the devil. So he decided to just deposit a portion of his salary every month instead. He will deposit $561.39 (same as the repayment figure in scenario 1) every single month for 10 years.


ASB Rate of 0.5833% per month is used

FV = $97,165.94

So, the balance after 10 years is $97,165.94

As illustrated above, scenario 1 (with ASB loan) results in a higher balance than scenario 2. However, this is based on the assumptions given (i.e. interest rate, ASB rate and etc.). The interest rate was obtained from RHB Bank’s website. If the interest rate was higher, results would have been different. Due to the fact that the difference between scenario 1’s balance and scenario 2’s balance is not that much, higher interest costs would have made scenario 2’s method more viable. Remember, analysis would yield different results with different inputs.

If I have made an error in any way, please feel free to correct me by adding comments at the comment box below.

P.S. The above analysis is not a recommendation of either methods. Individuals need to take into consideration their own circumstances and consult their licensed financial advisers.

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  1. Hi Nadlique..

    You are amazing…at the age of 21 you managed to illustrate and talk about wealth creation in a very clear way..Congrats!

    Well..first time here to read your blog accidentally:)!
    Good stuffs ha…topic cover ranging from investment, online business, financial etc…very good effort! its all involve in money..hehe

    By the way…why not you apply Google Adsense to your webpage here…i can see a potential here in your blog…atleast you get another possible extra income if you do serious considering on it…right?

    Cheers 4 YOU!

    Khairil Redzham
    Unit Trust Advisor
    CIMB Wealth Advisors Berhad

  2. Thanks a lot Khairil. You got directed to my blog from Emily Wee’s blog right? 😉

    I hope you didn’t get offended by my comments over there. Just thought of sharing my views, that’s all. Kalau kecil hati, minta maaf ye 😀

    I did register for Google Adsense earlier but my account got suspended. I’m now scouting for other options. I’m also considering having somebody else’s Adsense account to serve their ads here and share the payout with me.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. Please feel free to comment on my posts. Would love to exchange ideas with a well-qualified unit trust advisor! 🙂

  3. erkkk…there is no wrong n right in giving opinion no hard feeling…

    Emily blog? maybe…:)

    Considering on using somebody else’s Adsense acc??

    I do have an account..but has not been active quit so long…if you do interested then i will check about my adsense acc status with Google…may i know about your website traffic statistic…average per month (if u dont mind)….adsense program is much2 more competitive now compare to past few years…but atleast it is kind of potential income generation while you are sleeping..
    am i right smart girl??


  4. Haha. With regards to the Adsense account, I actually already have somebody else to work with. Sorry! Thanks though 🙂

  5. jazzabellea says:

    jus like text book dear

  6. Textbook? It’s that bad huh? Hehe 🙂

  7. are the works of devil. nice calculation there by the way . Do u mind if if u explain how situation 2 really works?

  8. Hi there Zim 🙂

    Sorry for the late response.

    Situation 2 simply means that the chap doesn’t take any loans at all. So now, the same amount of money, which is $561.39, is deposited into his ASB account instead of paying to the bank. This is just to compare which is better. Are we better off taking the loan or is it better putting the same amount of money each amount into the ASB account.

    Let me know if you ave any other specific questions.

    Cheers buddy!

  9. Hi Nadlique,

    Can you come out with calculation, where the investor will pay the 1st year loan by their pocket money and 2nd year onwards by using the dividend + bonus declared by PNB.

    All the dividend + bonus received will be compounded and only the amound needed to pay the loan for that dedicated month withraw.

    I already calculated it and it shows more i got.
    And the cost only the 1st year loan payment.

    Thank you.

  10. Hi there Zul,

    I’ll try to do that soon.

  11. Nevermind, i just got the answer from ASB itself thru email.

    Untuk makluman tuan, pengagihan pendapatan untuk unit amanah harga berubah-ubah seperti ASN, ASN 2, ASN 3 dan ASG adalah dikira berdasarkan baki unit pegangan di akhir tahun kewangan dan bukannya purata tahunan.

    Manakala, bagi ASB ianya adalah dikira berdasarkan formula di bawah :-

    Pengagihan Pendapatan

    Pengiraan pengagihan pendapatan adalah berdasarkan kepada baki terendah pada setiap bulan untuk jangkamasa 12 bulan ataupun setahun. Untuk mendapat pengagihan pendapatan penuh pada bulan tersebut, pelaburan tambahan mestilah dilakukan pada 01 haribulan pada bulan tersebut dan dikekalkan sehingga hujung bulan. Sekiranya pelaburan tambahan dilakukan selepas tarikh tersebut, perolehan pengagihan pendapatan hanya akan dikira untuk bulan ke hadapannya.

    Contoh pengiraan pengagihan pendapatan bagi tahun berakhir 2007:-

    Jumlah *BMB dari bulan Januari 2007 hingga Disember 2007 x KADAR
    12 Bulan

    * BMB adalah Baki Minimum Bulanan dan merujuk kepada baki yang terendah di antara 1hb hingga hujung bulan bagi setiap bulan
    * Baki minimum bagi setiap bulan akan ditentukan terlebih dahulu mulai Januari, 2007 sehingga Disember, 2007 (12 bulan).
    * Baki-baki minimum tersebut akan dicampurkan kesemuanya dan dibahagi dengan 12 (jumlah bulan dalam setahun) bagi mendapatkan purata baki minimum
    * Purata baki minimum tahunan yang diperolehi akan didarabkan dengan kadar pengagihan pendapatan yang diisytiharkan.


    Pengiraan bonus pula adalah berdasarkan kepada purata baki terendah bulanan untuk jangkamasa 10 tahun ataupun 120 bulan terdahulu.

    Contoh pengiraan bonus bagi tahun berakhir 2007 :-

    Jumlah *BMB dari bulan Januari 1998 hingga Disember 2007 X KADAR
    120 Bulan

    * BMB adalah Baki Minimun Bulanan dan merujuk kepada baki yang terendah di antara 1hb hingga hujung bulan bagi setiap bulan
    * Baki minimum bulanan selama 10 tahun bermula dari Januari 1998 hingga Disember 2007 (120 bulan) dicampurkan kesemuanya dan dibahagikan dengan
    120 bagi mendapatkan purata baki minimum untuk tempoh 10 tahun.
    * Purata baki minimum 10 tahun yang diperolehi didarabkan dengan kadar bonus yang diisytiharkan.

  12. Nice formula, but not include a risk, wat happen if lion ‘kriok’ Mr He, but Mr he not died, need to settle a loan right? better used mr Ahmad ways, safe and gurantee, and want more, the financial expert says don’t not borrow to invest, the liar financial only says borrow money to invest?…

  13. Yeah, I believe his beneficiaries need to settle the loan.

    Of course, at the end of the day, having the discipline to save your own money to invest is the way to go.

  14. I almost fell into the trap once.. But my husband did the calculation and since then we never think about getting loan to save.. Aren’t that strange enough? You borrow money so that you can save money? Huhu..

    Siapa yang untung? Itu bank juga!

  15. To me, getting a loan with an interest rate of say 7% and then invest it in an instrument that could potentially yield 8% is really not a smart thing to do. Margin of safety langsung tak dak. Interest naik sikit, merana.

    However, taking a loan with an interest of 7% but investing the money in an instrument that could potentially gives 20% return is a different matter.

    Betullah, at the end of the day, baik jadi bank. Senang buat duit 😀

  16. Salam nadlique..

    wow..i’m so impressed with ur site nih. u r so young, yet u dah fikir bout financial freedom! Cayalah :>

    i just came back from lunch and decided to search the net on anything that has to do with ‘lending from ASW to invest in ASB’. a friend of mine was telling meabout it, lantas terus i’m interested giler :> So i surf, and here I am, reading ur site.

    honestly before this i have never thought of investing seriously. it’s just lately that i started to realise i should do something if i want to live a financial-stress-free life later :>

    Congratulations n thank you for sharing all this with everyone. I plan to visit this site of urs from time to time. looking forward for any new tips and cool ideas on financial management :>

  17. salam………saye nk tnye.unit dlm asb tu ape sbnrnyer?

  18. @Aya


    Terima kasih Aya. Masih banyak lagi yg saya perlu belajar dan perbaiki 🙂

    Participate ye dlm diskusi-diskusi di blog ni 🙂


    Salaam zumira.

    Untuk ASB, setiap seringgit ialah 1 unit. Jadi, setiap satu ringgit yg kita masukkan dalam akaun ASB, seolah-olah kita sedang membeli saham ASB. Cuma untuk konsep amanah saham, ianya dipanggil unit.

    Jadi, kalau masukkan RM100 ke dlm ASB, kita membeli 100 unit ASB.

  19. Well nadlique,

    nice idea ur throwing out here. By the way, I have to agree 100% on the 2nd method as I’m the living exampleon how the 1st method is totally fail & troubling me!
    Right now, am trying to terminate my loan & guess what? Lots & lots of protocols that I have to obey just to claim back what I’ve invested over the years. Yet time is running & my money is wasted down to the drain.
    I’m totally RUGI over the last 5years as the dividend decreasing each & every year while my interest remains high. It seems like now I’m donating my money to the bank. Get any alternative to suggest dear nad?

  20. Well nadlique,

    nice idea ur throwing out here. By the way, I have to agree 100% on the 2nd method as I’m the living example on how the 1st method is totally fail & troubling me!
    Right now, am trying to terminate my loan & guess what? Lots & lots of protocols that I have to obey just to claim back what I’ve been invested over the years. Yet time is running & my money is wasted down to the drain.
    I’m totally RUGI over the last 5years as the dividend decreasing each & every year while my interest remains high. It seems like now I’m donating my money to the bank. Do u have any alternative to suggest dear nad?

  21. Hi Dr. D,

    I guess that’s part and parcel of the investment world.

    So, the bank that loaned you the money refused to let you get out of the loan or something?

    Honestly, if it was me, I wouldn’t borrow money at a given rate to only earn a few percent extra on top of the interest rate. If the central bank hikes up the interest rate, then I’ll be in trouble. For example, borrowing money at 6% to invest in ASB that gives 8%.

    However, borrowing money at 6% (just an arbitrary rate) to be invested in something that could potentially make me 20% (again, an arbitrary rate), then, that’s something that I would consider.

    Just remember that the higher the potential returns, the higher the risks. In fact, the risk of losing money is also present.

    So, at the end of the day, tepuk dada tanya selera.

  22. sally says:

    my friend asked me about the asb loan cz im an actuarial science student.i’ve learn a little bit about investment loan n etc.b4 this he has invest 10k for 5 years in asb loan.then he want to make 50k loan for 10 years.
    i try to calculate for him the amount that he should pay monthly.but in that time i’ve no calculator.luckily i found your blog.thanks to you.

  23. sally says:

    Luckily i found your blog.thanks to u.Actualy, my friend ask me about this asb loan.he want to make 50k asb loan for 10 years.just like your example.he asked me while we are online.i’ve no calculator to calculate the amount that he should pay monthly.luckily this blog safe me from his question.:)

    thanks…it just look like abook but not all people can understand this calculation.”we” who are in the field of this metter can easily said like that huh..

    erm bagi untung kat bank???kalo simpan duit bawah bantal sampai bile pun tak kaya,right…?

  24. pijul says:

    Hi all,
    Pasal loan ASB ni kan, sepatutnya tak timbul pasal berapa banyak duit yang kita ‘sedekahkan’ kat bank. Itu adalah lumrah kalau kita pinjam duit. Yang kita nak sekarang ni, kita dapatkan kapital yang tinggi untuk mendapatkan pulangan yang tinggi start dari first year. Adalah amat berbaloi kalau kita pinjam dan kita tak ambik selama 20 tahun. Kira kita buat pelaburan untuk hari tua lah… Dan anda akan kagum dengan pulangan yang anda dapat daripada jumlah yang anda bayar kat bank, Saya buat loan untuk memenuhi kuota 200 0000, dan target saya adalah buku bank saya akan tunjukkan 7 ANGKA untuk 20 tahun mendatang. Masa tu, dapat 80 000 setahun (kalau 8% return). Tu adalah pendapatan saya semasa saya bekerja sekarang ni. Takdelah susahkan anak2 nanti.

  25. Betul tu. Kalau nak buat kekayaan, kita tak patut fikir sgt pasal berapa duit bank korek dari kita. Yg penting, kita pandai allocate duit tu dan pilih instrumen yg sesuai utk dapatkan return yg baik.

    Katakan saya pinjam RM10 dari bank. Dgn RM10 tu saya dapat buat lagi RM10. Lepas tu saya kena bayar bank RM10 dan tambah lagi RM5 untuk interest. Tinggallah RM5 utk saya. Sesetengah org mungkin kata, buat apa lah kita sedekah duit kat bank. Kalau kita fikir balik, baik ‘sedekah’ RM5 tu kepada bank dan saya juga dapat RM5, daripada duduk diam tak buat apa-apa dan tak dapat duit langsung.

    betul kata sally. Kalau simpan duit bawah bantal, bila nak kaya.

  26. Ya, mungkin kalau buat pinjaman utk melabur, kita mungkin akan rugi. Tapi, kena ingat. Itulah namanya risiko.

  27. sally says:

    Nak bagi pendapat lagi..tidak mengape la kalo sedekah sikit kat bank.aper yang kita buat along the investment period??just dump the money and do nothing.the financial manager is the one who manage and diversify our tak pe la bagi fee kat orang yang dah bepenat lelah diversifying the risk.

  28. ateng says:

    Thanks nadlique for the calculations…
    But I’m curious y u talk all his good thing bout ASB yet u, urself didn’t invest in ASB?
    Y aaa?
    Sorry if I ‘menyibuk’, but u must have good reason right?
    Don’t u want 2 share?

  29. ASB ialah satu jenis investment yang lembab pada pendapat saya..yang di lihat 7-8% setahun, kalau sentiasa melebehi paras 15%..than you need to be serious…

    Make more research for better ways to double up ur income faster, let me ask you..which vehicle do u want to ride?? a car or a rocket?

    Lu pikir la sendiri..

  30. @ateng

    I do have some money in my ASB account, but my account is currently being dominated by my mum.

    Also, for me, with limited amount of funds but with a longer investment time horizon, I invest my money in other places that offer me better returns.

    Don’t get me wrong though, ASB is a great product. In fact, in the future after entering the workforce, I do plan to utilise my ASB account.


    Memang la ASB satu investment yg lembab. Tapi kena ingat, bukan semua org ada aggressive risk profile. Bukan semua org sanggup tgk duit dia org jatuh 20% dalam masa 6 bulan. Sesetengah org lebih rela dapat 8% setahun dan dapat tidur lena.

    Kalau nak kejar returns yg lagi tinggi, memang ada byk lagi investment yg lain. Kalau nak yg teramat tinggi, go for leveraged products. Tapi bersedialah utk tgk duit kita fluctuate. Bersedialah tgk kita untung minggu ni tapi hilang beberapa ribu pada minggu depan.

    Utk option naik car atau rocket, here’s a food for thought. Kalau car accident, masih ada peluang untuk survive. Kalau rocket accident, terus disintegrate. Mati terus.

    Lu pikir la sendiri.

  31. alex domino says:

    in the end of the day, it is how u disern ur way through, either u are agressive risk taker or safety first, both will succeed if discipline applied and consistent and on top of that u must be knowing what u re doing!!!!!

  32. True alex domino.

    Having said that, I myself am involved in a number of aggressive investment measures, with the purpose of souping up my returns.

    However, at the same time, I think it is also fine for certain individuals to opt for less-risky products, as long as they are comfortable. The key is to actually INVEST and not just safeguard the money under a pillow.

  33. amirah says:

    salam, hi…
    i started invest in ASB since i was in secondary school. Tapi tak consistent due to financial problem. Few years back, somebody proposes this ASB loan. I’m still considering all aspects before making any decision.. Just want to find out if it involves interest (charge by the bank) then it is considered as riba’ which is haram in Islam, right?

  34. I’m not too sure whether there are ASB loans that are syariah-compliant. As far as I’m aware of, most of them involves riba’.

  35. wannaBgudDoc... says:

    assalamualikum nadlique….wow!!u r great..this is my 1st time reading ur blog n u amazed again!!hehehe

    would u mind taching me other kinds of investment with their own good/bad)…i really2 wanna be an investor but then my background and knowledge not really helpful..hopefully u can help me..thanx to u n may Allah bless people like u!!

    p/ email:

  36. Saya baru nak apply ASB Loan RM 20K.20 years. ok ker ek? tp bila sya culculat balik cam best jerk diveden n bonus yng kita dapat..

  37. @wannaBgudDoc

    Waalaikumussalam Doc. Thanks for the compliments.

    Ada banyak lagi artikel-artikel di blog ni pasal investment yg lain. Banyak yg tak detail sgt, tapi boleh lah sebagai permulaan.

    Mari tengok sitemap saya


    Memang best kira dividen dgn bonus tuh. Hehe.

  38. jennifer says:

    Hi Nadlique,
    I have 2 questions. Could you tell me.. if I have RM30,000 and put that in my ASB account, how much would that add up to 10 years later?

    My second question is the interest calculated? I still don’t get if let’s say in the 1st year you accumulate let’s say 10% – which would be RM3,000 on the RM30000, will you accumulate 10% interest on RM30,000 or will you accumulate 10% on RM33,000 for the second year and so on.

    Thanks for your help.. Great blog, by the way!!

  39. The interest is calculated on a compounded basis based on the average balance.

    With your example, for the second year, it’ll be calculated as 10% on RM33,000.

  40. aku dah amik loan untuk ASB from MAYBANK,nasihat aku kat kawan2 sume,amik je la ASB loan,walaupon untung sikit dari kita simpan bulan2 but still untung,pikir banyak2 smpai 6 bulan mmg buang masa…….ASB satu pelaburan yg less risk

  41. Salam sejahtera!Pada pandangan peribadi saya lah, pinjaman(loan) ASB memang amat berbaloi dan paling menguntungkan.Senang cerita, lumayan lah. Sebab apa saya katakan demikian? Ok, katakan kita mengambil pinjaman sebanyak 200K. Untuk tahun pertama sahaja, saya ulang sekali lagi, untuk tahun pertama sahaja kita mengeluarkan modal untuk membayar pinjaman tersebut.

    Ramai yang cakap oh.. bank jadi lintah darat ambil untung mudah daripada kita yang buat loan ni. Dah tu, kita ada duit 200k tunai dalam tangan sekarang untuk letak dalam ASB? Saya tanye lagi sekali, ada ke duit sebanyak 200K cash???.Orang nak berniaga pun kena ada modal. Bank pun nak berniaga jugak. Dia bagi kita modal, mestilah dia nak kembali modal + untung. Kita pon kalau berniaga kita nak untung. Logik ke kita beli milo setin kat pemborong harga contoh 7 ringgit, kita jual kat pengguna lain dengan harga 7 ringgit jugak? Di mana rasionalnya? Jadi kita sebagai golongan yang tak berduit ni kenalah pinjam duit kat bank untuk melabur.Tak gitu??:tt2:

    Ok, berbalik semula pada perbincangan tadi. Kakanlah saya ambil loan sebanyak 200K dengan bank dan pihak bank akan mengenakan bayaran bulanan pinjaman ASB saya 1500K sebulan, termasuk insuran. Dan saya hanya membayar sejumlah 18K setahun sahaja. Sekiranya PNB mengumumkan dividen tahun tersebut sebanyak 10%, dalam akaun saya akan dikreditkan 20K. Saya hanya mengambil 18K daripada amount tersebut untuk membayar bayaran pinjaman tersebut. Begitulah seterusnya sehingga pinjaman habis. (Disyorkan ambil pinjaman 20 tahun untuk kurangkan bayaran). Jadi.. siapa yang tolong bayarkan pinjaman saya? PNB lah bukan saya yang bayar. Saya cuma modalkan 18K sahaja. Diulang sekali lagi.. Saya cuma modalkan 18K sahaja.. Modal 18K lps 20 tahun dapat 200K.. tak nak ke bang??? Bila ada yang kata kalau saya simpan bulan-bulan sebanyak 1500 lagi bagus. Saya kata pulak, siapa kata saya tak boleh simpan 1500 bulan-bulan. Saya bukan sahaja masih boleh simpan 1500 sebulan tapi saya juga bayar extra 18k setahun untuk modal 200K.Buktinya.. saya simpan 1500 kat asb, + saya bayarkan lagi 18K sebulan untuk loan(Modal 200k saya tak usik sebab dah cover dengan duit dividen yang dibayar pada bank).Cuba kira sendiri berapa banyak saya boleh simpan??([B]1,077,124.88 [/B]selepas 20 tahun, tapi itu kalau kita simpan 1500 sebulanlah… banyak tu beb)

    Sekiranya dividen tahun tersebut 9%, saya akan dapat 18K atau jika kurang daripada itu pun, saya cuma perlu tambah sedikit sahaja.(So far dividen ASB tak pernah kurang daripada 7 persen). Jadi, saya tak nampak di mana ruginya saya ambil loan ASB tersebut. Saya bukan bayar guna simpanan duit saya. Saya bayar guna duit dividen daripada PNB. Lagipun duit tu pun bukan saya nak guna sekarang, saya nak guna bila dah bersara nanti. Katalah selepas 20 tahun nanti saya dah ada 200k dari simpanan ASB dan 200k daripada simpanan KWSP. Saya akan keluarkan 200k daripada KWSP dan saya akan simpan dalam ASB. Wow.. bayangkan saya ada 400K dalam asb untuk sara saya sepanjang hayat bila dah bersara kelak. Saya tak perlukan duit anak-anak saya.(kalau saya meninggal pon ada insuran yang akan bayarkan 200k tu, jadi anak dan isteri dapat lah jugak daripada tak dapat apa-apa langsung)

    Terus terang saya katakan yang saya memang tak ada disiplin untuk pergi ke bank tiap-tiap bulan untuk simpan duit. Saya malas nak potong bulan-bulan sebab saya tau saya juga tak ada disiplin untuk tak ambil duit tunai dalam akaun bila dah banyak.(Kucing kalau nampak ikan depan mata, kalau tak makan pon dia akan cium). Oleh itu saya rela ambil loan sebab saya tau saya tak boleh ambil duit tu (dah tukar dalam bentuk sijil).Dan yang lagi penting dan utama… adalah terlebih elok saya ambil loan daripada saya tak buat apa-apa. Kalau tak mampu nak bayar terminate je, bukan susah pon. Esok lusa kalau dah ada duit buatlah loan semula. Kalau takat cakap bergegar-degar macam tin kosong pon tak guna jugak.

    p/s: Perjalanan beribu-ribu kilometer bermula dengan langkah pertama

  42. Mano Waikato says:

    To all investors in ASB,
    The maximum amount investment permitted per account is only RM200,000 in ASB, i.e. your own investment amount. However, your dividend is allowed to flow back in your ASB account, although you have reached an investment limit of RM200,000.

    My recommendation is to use both loan and salary deduction. I am using my fully paid ASB’s certificate to obtain an OD facility with a bank so that I can use this OD facility for my platform to reduce my cost of borrowing in the long run.

  43. I found your blog while I was googling for ASB stuffs. Great stuffs you got here; really useful!

    I’m planning to take ASB loan/investment from RHB; haven’t really decided on the amount yet. Is there any diffence between the banks?

  44. cempaka says:

    Salam,saye nk tau boleh ke cancel loan asb lepas dapat dividen.sebenarnye saye baru start bayar loan asb bulan 9 yang lepas,tapi ad masalah kewangan saye nak cancel bulan 1 tahun depan.Tapi,bile saye tanye staff maybank,mereka kate nt kene bayar lagi banyak.Lepas setahun baru boleh cancel.Kalau boleh saye nak cancel secept yang mungkin.Tapi,bape banyak yang pihak maybank akan ambil ye.Harap encik dapat menjawab soalan saye ini.

  45. hi nadlique..impressed on your calculations..well done!!!accidently browsed in asb site and found ur blog,mind if I throw in some opinions aite..totally agree wt pijul regards on the loan term.It is true that experts says not to borrow to save but we juz need to bear in mind that the profitable interest every mth/year is compounding on a larger sum of $$$.So if you are planning to have a long term plan, this method could work at its best.Unless if you do have that huge amount of money it would be a different story.However still this method works only on long term goals,should it be short term,minus the interest charges on loans,you’ll barely get the profits.

    Juz an opinion though,it is still subject to individuals perspective 🙂


  46. Hello guys,
    Sorry to interrupt…
    I allready had an explanation from my friend about profit earn from ASB through dividen,at the same time he also touched about ASB certificate (Sijil ASB) in order to open overdraft account.Same method as Mano Waikato describe earlier.Hopefully u can help me to understand what is ASB certificate n how to obtain this cert.thaxx

  47. jennifer says:

    Hi Nadlique,
    I took out a Maybank ASB loan for RM30,000 in 2004.. Can you tell me, would Maybank allow payment of the loan in full?


  48. you’re genius…. at a super young age. you’ll be somebody one day, believe me dear… anyway, if u don’t mind me asking r u working at any organization now?

  49. hi yuyu!

    thanks for that! 😉

    nope, i’m not working for any organisations right now. why? are you offering me a job somewhere? 😉

  50. Assalamualaikum

    Sokong sesangat ADYMFI

  51. Well done, very insightful. But if one is interested in Shariah compliant product, I dont think this is the avenue. Anyhow, taking a loan for the benefit of savings… hmm… juz like a dog (or cat if I may say)chasing its tail laaa…

    Juz wanna share something, about loan/deposit in general
    Generally, loans are always peg to BLR, which means subject to fluctuation.But tell me something, IF the rate goes up, is there any surety that the payment is revised? Hmmm… something to ponder….

    hmmm… too I m far away…. Anyway, how to save/keep something that is not yours? There is beauty in saving your own money and it is known as Discipline!!! If you are discipline enough to do that, everything will fall in its place…

    Tepok dada… tanye selera…. Interesting topic

  52. aloo..

    Im a mech eng, dunno anything about finance..juz bare wit me..

    i did make a loan to topup my ASB..rm30k..monthly around
    rm220..wut i realized is that if you put your money manually in the bank.
    let say 220 x 12 month = rm2640 ,
    you gain rm2640 for the first year if u start from zero.

    forget the ASB formula for a while..juz think simple math based on rasional thinking..for the first year..u need to pray to god that the interest announced is enough for you to gain the equal rm 2640..
    let say 30k x Interest announce = >2640,
    so the interest should be about 8.8% that year.

    If you notice rite now, the interest would never be higher than 8.8% (simple math, no formula)nowadays due to current economy bla3..

    lets cut short, what im trying to say is that now is not the right time to make the ASB loan. Be patient and wait for the right time.


  53. samurai_0117 says:

    Assalammu’alaikum Nadlique,

    Saya ada beberapa soalan,

    Saya dah ambil ASB loan dgn RHB since Ogos 2006.Then,baru2 nie saya ada buat potongan ASB melalui potongan gaji memandangkan saya sekarang nie berkhidmat dengan kerajaan.Jadi saya terfikir untuk let go Loan ASB yang saya buat kat RHB tu.So, soalan saya adalah :

    1) Bagaimana untuk mohon bagi tamatkan potongan ASB
    loan dengan bank yang saya buat?

    2)Adakah berbaloi saya tamatkan Loan ASB dengan RHB
    dan meneruskan potongan ASB melalui potongan gaji
    dengan amaun yang sama semasa saya membuat pelaburan
    ASB iaitu RM 115 sebulan?

    Please send ur opinion ASAP.TQ

  54. To Cempaka….

    Cempaka, pasal bank x bg byr kurang dr setahun sebenarnya 2 helah dr pihak bank je… sebab nanti diorang x untung aper2 sangat.. sebenarnye boleh.. cuma diorg akan kenakan sedikit interes je.. kalo lepas setahun interes 2 akan jadi lebih tinggi… to all, kalo nak buat pinjaman peribadi ke ape ke.. tanya betol2 kat pihak bank.. benda mcm ni diorg x kan cerita atau bgtau… manalah tau kan kurang dr setahun boleh byr pulak pinjaman yang dibuat.. dah 2 call, bank plak ckp tunggu setahun.. pas 2 baru bleh cashkan.. silap2 lagi tinggi plak..

  55. maisyarah says:

    Total for calculation 1 is wrong as it supposed to be $83 112.27 where it’s the only money we own after paying the interest to the bank. So it’s wise to choose the calculation 2 as the total amount is higher which is $97,165.94. We have to take the interest payment into consideration to locate the total amount we have after 10 years as the bank interest not belong to us.

  56. Yes, you’re right. However, as he is servicing the monthly repayments through his/her salary, the balance at the end of the 10 years is still $100,000++. But of course, technically, a lot have been wasted on interest charges, thus making method 2 more attractive. Don’t quote me on this though.

  57. hi nidique’s, Congrates to you. I already reach d maximum quota of RM200K in ASB. Recently I plan to get ASB loan of RM30K but I have to withdraw the RM30K of my ASB and put it in d ASW 2020. Do you think this is a good idea. Cos sometimes going to the bank just to bank in (ASW 2020 contohnya) the RM330.00 is very troublesome. Payment of loan just debit from account. Please advise!

  58. safarina mohd says:

    saya keliru sikit pasal ASB.saya ada buat pinjaman asb pd tahun 2008.pinjaman tu berjumlah rm20000, selama 20 tahun.. saya buat kat maybank.dia ckp saya perlu bayar bulanan rm144 selama setahun,lepas pd tu saya tak payah bayar dah..nanti dia akan pusing balik duit yg dah saya bayar selama setahun tu. betul ke? boleh tak tolong terangkan pd saya tentang kiraan untuk rm20000 punya.

  59. yaikito says:

    HI to all bumi’s.

    For those who tend to terminate or to short your ASB loan is not advisable.Let say your loan is 20 years,and you want to terminate after 5th year,

    you will loss very little or if you lucky you will get back your asset,it mean you gain no profit..

    If you think you want to have short term plan it is advisable to take short term like 5 years.

    In ASB loan dont you ever think to short or terminate or you will get bad consequences.Dont trust the agent bank.They just talking crab.

    If you want short term take 5 years eventhough rm10K or rm30k coz you will get profit compared to if you borrow rm200k for 20 years and terminate it after 5 will lose you money.

  60. Hi,

    I took the ASB loan from Maybank end of last year for RM30K for 30 yrs. After reading this blog, I find it not really worth it to take the loan to save money. Actually I am looking for short-term investment e.g 5-10 years. I have been paying for 8 months now. Do you think it worth for me to cancel the loan now or later and how much would I lost? Please advice. Thanks!

  61. salam.

    umur aku 26 tahun.. dah buat loan ASB 200k.. setahun dah berlalu.. sekrang ni bayar bulanan loan ASB pakai dividen yg dikorek sebulan sekali.. sambil tu.. aku saving balik mcm biasa 10-20% gaji kedalam ASB. aku buat 25 tahun.. so 25 tahun akan datang aku umur 51.. mybe ada dalam sejuta kot ASB tu jika + dgn saving sendiri.. umur 51 ni org kata tua.. aku tengok amy search relek je duk rock rock lagi.. hehe itu je la sepatah dua kata aku..

    pesanan aku.. pastikan aliran tunai @ cashflow anda positif dahulu dan pastikan juga anda boleh disiplin saving 10-30% sebulan dari gaji, baru buat loan ASB.. kalo x bagus x perlu buat… rugi masa tenaga dan duit.. zassssssssss

  62. Putih… nak tanya sikit.. maksud 200k kat dlm asb 2 x termasuk dividen y kerajaan bg or pinjaman kita sahaja.. kalo mcm 2, bleh buat asb 200k dan biarkan sampai 10-20 thn la. bukan limit asb 200k termasuk dividen la..

  63. Dear ann.

    please dont terminate ur asb within 2 year.after 2 years only u will get back ur money with potential gain.

    if u terminate less the 1 year or 2 bank will gain money and u will loss 80% of ur money plus penalty from bank.

    just wait 2 years and u will get back ur money if asb dividen still 7%.

    let say monthly u are paying will take rm400 for that month.and another rm100 only being save on ur loan and will accumulate after 2 years u will get back around rm2500 plus ur dividen.

    let say u terminated less then a year mean u will only get back ur rm100 time a month u r dividen and u need to pay penalty.

    u will loss 80% of ur money.

    just wait after 2 patient coz u already agree with agreement unless u ready to take futere loss.

    this is just my advise

  64. sape nk wat loan asb x kua duit 1 sen pun, ym ak kt yg duk s.alam je. sesape yg duk luar s.alam, kalau rajin dtg s.alam nnti sy tlg explain. tq (^_^)

    p/s: sy kerja dgn bank. 1 lg, bumi je plz

  65. yusufmusuf says:

    can we borrow/loan money to make ASB investment? i heard, the HARUS fatwa only valid if we use our own money (not borrow or loan from third parties) for investment. the theory is simple. When we borrow money from the bank, the result will end up with interest or ‘riba, which directly change the borrowed money into ‘riba business.

    I wish somebody can “clear” and come out with their fatwa or explanation to public coz i afraid after the HARDEST 20 years repayment to bank, shock to hear all the money turns to HARAM???

  66. salam yusufmusuf,

    sebagai orang orang islam,wajarkah kita biarkan sistem kapitalis membelengu orang islam dalam berniaga??

    memandangkan ASB berasaskan sistem kapitalis barat dimana urusan perniagaan bercampur diantara yang halal dan haram,kita perlu memandang dari sudut yg halal.

    dengan kata lain percanggahan pendapat dan fatwa haram dan harus terletak di tangan kita sendiri.

    Seandainya umat Islam masih lagi lemah,dan tidak mahu bersaing dan berdagang dengan bukan islam bagaimana aliran ekonomi umat islam nk berkembang?

    terpulang pada saudara,tetapi bagi saya,berikutan terdapat percanggahan pendapat harus dan haram saya lebih ambil kepada yg harus.

    Masih tiada dalil dan nas yg sahih.Kita perlu sedar kita perlu bersaing .

    pada saya tak salah disini untuk saudara sendiri membuat keputusan,but actually memang tiada satu tempat pun didalam dunia ini perdaganagan dibuat tanpa membabitkan orang bukan islam dan hanya islam sahaja.

    saudara perlu jelas kerana terdapat percanggahan pendapat.

    janganlah ORANG ISLAM DAN MELAYU ASYIK bertelagah macam orang ARAB yg sampai ke hari ini tahun 2009 masih bertelagah dan berbunuhan hanya perbezaan pendapat.

    ALlah tidak pernah memberatkan umat nya pada sesuatu yg tidak pernah jelas hukumnya.

    Kita perlu maju dan bersaing memandangkan kita tidak dapat lari dalam memperdagangkan 100 peratus produk yg halal.kalau kita umat islam dapat 80 peratus halal pun sudah baik dalam memajukan orang islam khususnya melayu.

    janganlah jiwa kita asyik terbelngu dan diselebungi ketakutan.

    sesungguhnya allah maha mengetahui keadaan hamba hambanya yg mahu berusaha sedaya upaya mendapat yg terbaik.

    takkan rosak susu setitik ,susu sebelanga hendak dibuang?????renung renung kan lah orang melayu dan islam.
    allah punya rahmat yg luas dan maha pengampun .

  67. dear mr nadlique,

    I rase you punye formula cam tak betul,

    coz bonus bertambah secara berkala within 10 years,

    dan interest berkurang within 10 year kalau sesiapa nk jual asb sebelum 10 tahun,

    asb loan is still the best way from my personal scenario.

    real scenario.dividen 7percent and bonus 1percens

    PInjaman rm70k selama 20tahun,bayaran rm529.
    tahun pertama total interest rm4400/ ASB divien rm4900
    tahun kedua interest rm4200/ dividen rm 4950.
    tahun ketiga rm4000/ dividen rm5000.

    ini adalah real totally cara kiraan encik nadliq diatas salah menyebabkan calculation nampak pinjaman merugikan.

    sebenarnya dengan pinjaman asb kita dapat keuntungan 3kali ganda lebih cepat dari simpanan biasa.

    tip.jika pinjam 20 tahun boleh keluar sebelum 10tahun dan jangan keluar tahun 3,4,5,6,7,8,9.mmg rugi sikit.tapi 10 tahun keluar mmg maksimun.

    jika pinjam 5 tahun boleh keluar lepas 2 tahun.

    so pilih yg mana satu pilihan anda.

    simpanan biasa mmg rugi berbanding pinjaman.

  68. yusufmusuf says:

    salam yaikito.

    terima kasih untuk pandangan anda. memang tak dinafikan kita umat islam skrg melakukan perdagangan dengan org bukan islam. tapi, tak bermaksud, berdagang dengan orang bukan islam menghalalkan segala2nya. bagi saya, kita takkan mati kelaparan atau jatuh miskin, jika masih mengikuti trend perniagaan yg disyorkan islam. byk sgt rezeki bg org islam ni. negara islam khususnya diberikan keistimewaan dr Pencipta bumi, ada minyak, emas, garam galian. compare dgn negara bukan islam, kurang sumber asli. so, siapa sbnrnya memerlukan siapa dlm berdagang?

    bagi persoalan halal tak buat pinjaman, dan invest dlm asb, seingat saya, fatwa harus tu hanya sah laku jika kita laburkan dgn duit kita sendiri, bukan dr pinjaman yg mengenakan interest. mungkin dizaman muda kita masih meringankan hukum halal haram rezeki kita, asalkan dpt byk duit, kira halal dah la. tp bila kita dah dizaman tua(semua akan tempuhinya nnt), dunia kata pergi, kubur kata mari, mungkin akan menyedarkan kita betapa pentingnya halal itu utk kita menghadap ALLAH di padang mashar nnt.

    renung2kan dan selamat beramal.

  69. wasalam yusufmusf,

    Berikan contoh perniagaan yang tidak melibatkan riba dalam sistem ekonomi dunia hari ini???

    Saya rasa, better cik yusuf belajar tentang kesan micro dan macro ekonomi tentang kesan penglibatan umat islam dalam sistem ekonomi ini dan juga kesan umat islam tidak terlibat dalam sistem ini sebelum saudara beritahu saya yang mana satu akan disoal tuhan di padang masyar nanti…selain itu belajar juga prinsip syariah serta perkara perkara yang encik rasa berkaitan akhirat..

    Oh seperkara lagi saya harap encik yusuf perlu lebih kuat memegang prinsip dalam hidup encik.
    Harus,halal,haram pelajari definisi ini munkin akan membantu encik yusuf lebih kuat terhadap prinsip hidup encik.

    Buat pengetahuan encik bukan sahaja loan asb terlibat dalam unsur haram,tetapi juga pelaburan asb juga terlibat dalam unsur perjudian dan arak dimana syarikat syarikat seperti American Tobocco dan lain lain syarikat yang berunsur haram bercampur dengan duit asb ni seperti KWSP.

    So jelas disini encik harus pegang teguh pada prinsip encik.

    jangan kata separuh halal dan separuh haram dan membingungkan orang melayu dengan komentar yang encik beri seperti diatas.

    Asb berunsur haram begitu juga loan asb berunsur haram dimana kedua duanya bercampur dengan barang halal.

    so saya harap encik jangan terus labur dalam asb atau buat loan .tolong konsisten agar umat ISlam dapat dipandang tinggi dan mulia.

    Prinsip encik yusuf yang tak teguh berkaitan halal dan haram ini hanya membuatkan sekali lagi orang bingung.

    encik mesti ada kata putus dan tinggalkan kedua dua asb begitu juga loan.

    saya harap penjelasan saya disini jelas dan tidak membingungkan sesiapa lagi.

    macam saya kata keputusan ditangan anda.

    Insyallah allah maha mengetahui,dan kita akan dapat kebaikan di dunia dan diakhirat tak kira jalan mana yang kita pilih dengan harapan kita berusaha bersama2 menuju ke arah kebaikan.

    Encik yusuf kena teguh dan jangan encik yusuf konfiuskan diri encik dan orang lain juga.

    saya dah naik pening dengan banyak orang agama yang suka beri kata dua dan tak konsisten…dan natijahnya kesan negatif dapat dilihat bukan sahaja di dunia,mungkin juga diakhirat.

    so saya amat berharap encik melakukan kajian dan buat keputusan encik sendiri .


    yang baik itu dari allah dan segala yang buruk adalah dari diri saya sendiri.

  70. I rasa something wrong dgn formula loan calculation tu, because bank interest 6%, asb dividen 7%, yet margin different after 10 years is very huge. Maybe lah, just double check.

    One more thing, as Muslim remember kewajipan Zakat wang simpanan. Out of 7% asb dividen, 2.5% belongs to Zakat.

    So nett calculation, we are not making money, we are servicing the banks.

  71. salam fendi,

    apa pendapat encik fendi seandainya zakat dikira dari 1 %+bonus keuntungan instead of 7%.dengan andaian interest 6% saya kira sebagai modal.saya zakat pada kadar keuntungan saya sahaja.

    actually saya dah kira guna loan calculator dari website irwan..

    saya dapati setelah 20tahun,loan asb lebih untung dari simpan sendiri.

    Mengikut graph simpn sendiri vs loan saya dapati
    dari tahun 1 hingga 10 simpanan mmg lebih untung dari loan,tapi perbezaan ketara dapat dilihat dari tahun 11 hingga 20 dimana kadar keuntungan melebihi kadar simpanan sendiri berikutan bonus sudah matang berbanding simpanan sendiri.

  72. pelaburan yg paling tinggi nilainya adalah emas…2nd Asb…ikut kemampuan la mana yg mampu….

  73. saya ada buat pinjaman loan ASB melalui RHB..tempoh bayaran selama 20tahun utk 30k… saya bayar 200 ratus setiap bulan..mula bayar pada bln sept tahun makna nya saya telah byr selama 3bln utk tahun 2008.awal tahun 2009 saya update buku asb…tau berapa byk dividen saya dapat utk loan asb tu?rm400 beza rm200 jer dari bayaran bulanan yg saya buat….tak ke untung tu….hu hu

  74. cikgu comel says:

    i really agree ngan opinion buat loan 4 saving…..u still untung….bayar for 1st yer sahaja n that money will rolling for d coming years yg u sign tu…ngan syarat x amek dividen 1st year…rolling 4 coming years….i nak wat esok ni…100k……20 years….insyaallh


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