Tales from the Brisbane Market : Story 1

I’d like to share with you some stories from the Brisbane Market. One story in each posts.

Story 1 : The French Dude

There’s this one Sunday, my business partner was off the loo and I was going about my business as usual. Then, one dude came up and stood next to me. I was like, what the…

Then he said “bydydbfysdfhskioqowbc”.
I replied “What?”
He said again “bydydbfysdfhskioqowbc.”
I said “What?”
And he continued saying the same thing again.
I just stood there… baffled…
Again he said “bydydbfysdfhskioqowbc.”
I replied back “Mate, I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”
He stood there confused and said to me “Don’t you speak French?” with a heavy accent.
SAY WHAT?!? With a contorted face I said “No…..” (I finally figured that he was talking to me in French earlier)

Weirdly enough, he continued staring at me.. with a blank face..

I really didn’t know what to do by then and just pretended I had a customer to attend to. Haha.

Soon, he went off. Phew…

Weird weird experience 😛

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  1. marketbris says:

    u jual apa kat market brisbane mate?

    market yang mana satu? dekat dengan west end tu ke?

  2. Barang-barang peralatan memasak, perhiasan rumah, buku, dan mcm mcm lagi.

    Dekat Rocklea.

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