Battling Corruption within our Nation

First of all, this might sound like a silly idea, but just hear me out alright?

Before that, let’s consider this situation. Most would agree that one tends to work a bit harder if he/she works on a commission-based service. People like car salesmen, unit trust consultants, and etc.

Let’s have a look at that matter in the context of our Polis DiRaja Malaysia.

Now, it is alleged that the corruption within our Police Force (Polis DiRaja Malaysia) is rampant. I said ALLEGED because I myself have not experienced this, so I can’t say for sure whether it is true or not.

Anyway, I’ve got an idea on how to battle corruption.

How about, on top of the base salary, let them do commission-based services. How about letting them receive a cut for every summons they issue.

The government revenues from that will increase and at the same time, we may be able to manage corruption.

Let me illustrate this:

Assume a speeding ticket will set you back RM150. Policeman A issued a speeding ticket to one Mr. B. Policeman A gets 10% of that RM150, which comes to RM15. Now, assume he issues another 20 tickets for that month, he’ll now get an extra RM300 in commissions. These folks will now have an incentive to do their job right.

I reckon it’s better if the government gives up 10% of their revenues rather than losing them altogether!

Potential problems? The only one I can think of for now is the fact that we might have trigger-happy-summon-issuer. Oh, another problem could be, we are going to have a flock of policemen focusing only on jobs that give them commissions.

What do you all think? Share your opinions as well, be it positive or negative.

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  1. Sir Ashcroft says:

    It goes without saying that everything has it’s strength and weakness. Commission-based services will probably mean a more enthusiastic workforce since money will be pulling the reins of these individuals. Everything works for the better…under the assumption that these good people won’t quit their jobs and find something else. Plus, it could also discourage people from embracing this line of duty in the first place.

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