Latest ASB Dividend Rate

Just heard in the radio. The latest dividend rate for ASB for the end of financial year 31 December 2007 is 8 sen per unit plus 1 sen per unit bonus. That’s a total of 9% return. Watch out for the news.

ASB holders, get your account books ready. Account-book-update-period coming up!

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  1. Thank you fou providing me this info..actually im just beginning to invest some money in ASB through loan in RHB.I would like to find out the record of ASB dividen for the past 5 years or more but i cant find any site that could give me such info…can you help me?

  2. Hi Shirley.

    Sure thing. I’ll look that up for you.

  3. Hey there Shirley. I just put up a post on ASB rates for previous years.

  4. Thank you very very much nadlique!

  5. No problems at all 🙂

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