Lower Unit Trust Sales Charges

It seems like, for Employees Provident Fund (EPF) contributors, there’ll be a discount for them if they decide to invest in unit trusts. They’ll be paying lower unit trust sales charges of not more than 3%. That’s a steal!

I reckon that this is a really good move if we want encourage people to invest their money. It gives people an incentive to invest in a high-yield asset rather than just leave their money in their EPF accounts earning a rather low rate of return.

Anyway, how about the rest of us mortals with no EPF accounts? Will we still be paying the same 6.5% for equity funds? Any unit trust consultants out there to answer this? 🙂

Also, does this mean less commission for the unit trust consultants? 🙂

Here’s the full news article at The Star. Thanks to Sebol for sharing the news.

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  1. cant wait my account 2 EPF to reach 55K to invest in Unit Trust

  2. my hubby will be using his account 2 for downpayment of our future house. that means, my own account 2 will be untouched. hmm, gotta keep myself updated on how much i’ve got so far…wahahaha, and I only work for 1 1/2 years. Sigh, time time time

  3. Ici: I guess youngies like us, time is our biggest asset. Slow and steady is key 🙂

    Good luck with your wealth-creation journey 🙂

    Kate: Good job you’re doing there. And.. stop “enjoying” life so much. Hehe. Just kidding! 😛

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