SEA Games 2007, Malaysia Boleh!

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Malaysian SEA Games’ contingent. They have achieved their target of 64 gold medals, plus a bit more. A total of 68 gold medals were achieved as at closing day today and ranked 2nd place overall. Good job fellas!

I dedicate this song to our athletes. Malaysia Boleh!

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  1. Is this the song of 1998 KL Commonwealth Games? I have almost forgotten about it! It’s a nice song and good that you rekindle my thoughts!

    Indeed Malaysian athletes had exceeded expectations on an overall basis. However after observing the Games, i have the feeling that the 2nd position was more attributed to Thailand’s supremacy and other countries’ under performance. Malaysia has only 7 medals more than the 2005 Manila games, so it’s really nothing significant to shout about.

    Nevetheless it’s still SYABAS to the golden athletes who have done the country proud!

    I’m more keen to see Malaysian athletes winning the gold at next year’s Beijing Olympics!

  2. Hello there 🙂

    Yup, it is the song from 1998 KL Commonwealth Games. Have to say, one of my favourite songs.

    True enough, Malaysian Sports still have a really looooong way to go.

  3. Actually I’m searching Malaysia Boleh mp3 for my school choir but can’t find one, is there any site I can download the song?

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