Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 : ASW 2020

Included in the long list of Permodalan Nasional Berhad’s (PNB) long list of unit trust products is the Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020, or simply ASW 2020.

Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020. I mean, how cool does that sound! Vision 2020 Unit Trust. Sounds so…. out of the ordinary huh?

What’s next? The Terminator 2050 Fund. Investment strategy, to invest in all companies related with uranium, especially in those specialising in nuclear warheads? Haha. That would be something huh?

Anyway, back to ASW 2020, this is another fund that offers the capital guarantee feature. Considering the low-risk nature, the returns from this fund is not so bad. However, I’m sure all of you would agree that if you’re a Bumiputera, ASB is at the top of your priority list.

Below are some of the features of ASW 2020:


  • Categorised as an equity fund for investors looking for income.
  • Capital guaranteed with buying and selling price of units fixed at RM1.00 per unit.
  • The fund invests 95% of its value in equities and another 5% in other capital market instruments and liquid assets. Examples are stocks, debentures, units of unit trust fund, deposits at call with financial institutions, bankers’ acceptances, negotiable certificate of deposits.
  • The strategy employed by the fund managers are such that it will preserve the capital of the fund for the long term.
  • The fund’s financial year end is on August 31 of every year.
  • Salary deductions and standing instructions can be incorporated with ASW 2020.


  • Suitable for investors with a low-risk profile.
  • 51% of the fund is reserved for the Malaysian Bumiputera while the other 49% for non-Bumiputera.
  • Participation is subject to availability of units.

Investment Amounts

  • Minimum initial investment is 100 units (RM100) for investment books, 1000 units (RM1000) for certificates, and RM1000 for EPF.
  • Additional investments are 1 unit for investment books and 1,000 units for certificate and EPF respectively.
  • There is no maximum investment for ASW 2020, as long as there are still units available.
  • To sell the units, you need to at least maintain a minimum balance of 100 units for investment books (or else, you may be asked to sell all of your units). For certificates on the other hand, you may sell units in multiples of 1,000 units.
  • Units may be redeemed (sold) at any time and money will be given on on-the-spot basis. For EPF members on the other hand, the amount is paid back to EPF.

Charges, Fees, and Expenses

  • No sales charges are charged but there is a low service charge for investments made through the EPF Members’ Investment Scheme. The charges are calculated based on the average net value of the fund, calculated on monthly basis X 0.25% X 1/12, which will be deducted from the income distribution, if any, at the end of financial year.
  • No exit fees (Repurchase charge) as well.
  • Fees & Expenses. Annual management fees of up to a maximum of 1% p.a. of the value of the fund which will be calculated and accrued daily, as may be agreed with the relevant parties. Trustee fees stand at RM500,000. There are also other fees such as the audit fees, custodian fees, cost of distribution of annual reports, distribution expenses, distribution statement and notices to unitholders.

Expected Returns

  • Income distributed will be recorded as additional units in your ASW 2020 account.
  • The distribution of income and the rate of return is at the discretion of the fund.
  • Annualised average total return of ASW 2020:

1-year: 6.80 sen per unit.

3-year: 6.97 sen per unit.

5-year: 6.95 sen per unit

Disclaimer: This article is not a specific nor general advice on managing or investing your money. This article does not constitute a recommendation nor does it take into account your investment objectives, financial situation nor particular needs.

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About nadlique

This blog is about the journey of a 28-year-old Malaysian towards financial freedom. This blog was started back when the blogger was 21 years old. However, his journey towards financial freedom had begun way before that. Materials such as investing, business, entrepreneurship, equities, and real estate are presented. The author also posts his thoughts and observations on life in general.


  1. Maznah Mohd Sharif says:

    My grand daughter is 4 months old. I want to open up an account for her with PNB. What type of account would you advise? Thank you.

  2. Maznah Mohd Sharif says:

    I am retiring next year. I thought of putting my EPF money in ASB to reap better dividend and bonus. What is your maximum investment allowed? Do you have a beneficiary (Penama) form?

  3. Hi there.

    With regards to your granddaughter, it is really up to you. However, history has stated that ASB has been the top performer.

    Maximum allowed for ASB is RM200,000. With regards to the beneficiary form, you might want to go to one of PNB’s offices and ask them yourself because I am not so sure.

    Please take note that I am not related to PNB nor am I a licensed financial adviser. So, your best bet would be to ask PNB directly on what you should do.

  4. Maznah Mohd Sharif says:

    Am I not in PNB website?

  5. Hahaha 🙂

    Actually, no you’re not. This is my personal weblog (blog) about my journey towards financial freedom. I post entries on anything related to achieving that goal, on top of reviews of certain financial products available out there.

  6. hi!
    i have 6 month old baby, plan to open account for him. which one is better, amanah saham wawasan or amanah saham didik?

  7. Hi Ila!

    Based on historical performance, ASB yields the highest return. One step down is Amanah Saham Didik (ASD). Then Amanah Saham Wawasan (ASW 2020). Of course, I’m only talking about the fixed price ones.

    Also, bear in mind that historical performance is not an indicator to what’s going to happen in the future.

    Anyway, remember to do more research and homework on things like these 🙂


  8. William says:

    any information of bonus wawasan 2020 please send email for me thanks.

  9. Information of bonus? I’m not too sure as to what you are asking here.

  10. PAULINE says:

    how much bonus can get for 2008,n when can i buy asw2020 again?

  11. Hi Pauline,

    I’m afraid you need to source that information direct from PNB.

  12. Salam, ASW dividen tahun 2008 is 7% which is less than last year.
    Sedih sikitlah……

  13. Itu lah. Tapi at least positive return. Unit trust semua habis jatuh merudum.

  14. kok fook lian says:

    I would like to buy wawasan 2020 and i would like to know whether it is open.Thanks

  15. I’m afraid I don’t have any info on that. Please refer to PNB directly.

    Or perhaps, do anybody else know the answer?

  16. hi! nadlique

    here da answer 4 kok fook lian…
    4 info, there r 2 categories for ASW 2020. For Bumiputera, da location fund is 51% n Non-Bumiputera is 49%. At moment, fund for non-bumi is fully subscribed. Here da tips.. (just try ur luck ma…) If u r existing investor, go to any ASNB agent’s bank (RHB, Maybank, CIMB or any post-office) or directly to ASNB counter itself at PNB Building, Jalan Tun Razak, KL opposite to Tabung Haji Building, bring ur passbook n ask whether there r any available unit for u to subscribe/buy… Maybe tat day is ur lucky day… who knoe, rite?? so gud luck to u!!

    p/s : actually, it works to my customer ;-))

  17. hi! nadlique

    me again… Nad (can i call u Nad??) Actually, minimum age to invest in ASW 2020 is 6 months n above. For ASB, the minimum age is 12 years old n above.

  18. David Topping says:

    Please confirm, is ASW 2020 is available for Bumi children in any amount? My bank told me maximum invetsment is RM50k.

    Can children also hold ASB units?

  19. ang hee huey says:

    I would to know for a greenhorn like me want to invest in wawasan 2020 but I dont know how ?
    2. Everytime I got the news is in newspapers and always others are ahead of me . I feel I am too slow in the race ofr catching up with others . What instrument to check out ahead of others . thanks

  20. anis on September 21, 2008 3:04 pm is correct on age limits.

    and as far as I know, there is no fees whatsoever for ASW2020 purchase using epf.

  21. Hi Nadlique,

    Just need information from you, since the maximum for ASB is RM 200,000.00 so if I got more than Rm 200,00.00 (example Rm300,000.00) does it counted the same divident and bonus as announce? If not how does it counted. Thank you.

  22. Hi Annie,

    The dividends and bonuses from ASB will be calculated based on the average ending balance of your money. So, if the declared dividend plus bonus rate for that year is 10% and your average ending balance is RM500,000, then it’ll be 10% X RM500,000.

  23. Hi Nadlique n Annie,

    Calculation for dividend and bonus is different. Dividend calculation based on monthly minimum balance divided by 12 months X ?%(depends on dividend declared by PNB). Bonus calculation is based on monthly minimum balance for 10 years divided by 120 months X ?%(depends on bonus declared by PNB).

    p/s : Now, dividend known as Income Distribution.

  24. Yup, that’s right. I should have referred to my previous post:

  25. hi faizdude,

    for ur info, there is a fees when u invest through epf. the fees is 0.125% and will be deducted from announced distribution income.

  26. Steven Goh says:

    How ASW manage to give away dividend when share market is so bad as 95% of fund is invest in equity market?

  27. Here’s my theory:

    Throughout the years, you’d notice that ASW’s returns are somewhat consistent, be it in good times or bad times.

    Even in good times, you’d see that ASW don’t offer absurdly high returns like other funds. So, instead of declaring high distributions, what they do is that they retain some of those profits to be used as reserves to be distributed during bad years.

    So, instead of:

    1st year = 20%
    2nd year = 15%
    3rd year = -10%
    4th year = -7%

    They would instead adopt:

    1st year = 6%
    2nd year = 5%
    3rd year = 4%
    4th year = 4%

    I believe that that’s the case. Take note that this is just my theory.

  28. Pls send me more brocures on this investment.

  29. Hi Nadlique,

    I just bought some ASM (Amanah Saham Malaysia) units today. May I know what’s the ranking among other ASNB funds in term of dividend payouts?

    Also, I’m preparing for the coming ASW 2020 next week. Do you know if it’s allowed for one adult (> 18 years old)to purchase with the qty below :

    1 Akaun dewasa + 3 Akaun bijak/ remaja (all under the same adult name, but different children (< 18 yrs old)name for each of the Akaun bijak/ remaja.

    Planning to purchase at Maybank. Can the counter officer process all these 4 purchases by just one time queuing up? Or have to queue up 4 times (one transaction of purchase per queue)?


  30. Ray_Lee says:

    Give a fast and quick tips pls…

    Which one better..? ASM or ASW2020..? I need to purchased soon.


  31. Hi Joe,

    In terms of ranking, I’m not too sure actually. But an agent of PNB once told me that when it comes to PNB’s Capital Protected products, ASB comes first, and ASD second (don’t quote me on that though).

    About buying and queuing up for those 4 accounts, I can’t really say either since I don’t work for these people. However, I don’t see why not. You should be able to. Though it’s good if you can confirm with them directly.

  32. Thanks Nadlique.

    Actually, I’m interested to know fr ur point of view, which one is better too? ASM or ASW 2020?

    Ideally, I would dump half of the $ into ASM and the othe half into ASW 2020. But, I guess now, the concern is whether ASW 2020 would sold out b4 ur turn at the counter or not. This would affect ur decision to put all ur $ into ASM and skip ASW 2020. As we see fr the past, ASW 2020 is selling like hot cakes and got sold out half day.

    2 billion units of ASW 2020 will be offered next monday. The question is :
    2 billion equals to A) 2000 million or B) 2 million million?
    If A) is true, and assuming every1 who queue up on the 1st day buying with max. limit of 20k, then by the count of 100000th, it would be sold out. The same calc goes if assuming every1 buy 10k each consequtively, then at 200000th, would be sold out.

    Just my two cent, sorry if I sound nonsense.

  33. My first time here.Hi Nad!
    Just bought my first new unit yesterday.It’s a small amount, but still an investment right?

  34. can i know pos office can open account for ASW2020 or not?

  35. kalaiselvan says:

    pls recommand age to invest in asw 2020?

  36. just need a clarification on non-bumiputra portion in asw 2020..
    1. what is the maximum age to apply for asw 2020? can a person above 60 years of age open asw 2020 account?

    2. what is the maximum deposit each person can top up at a time? for example: if a person have rm100,000.00 can he/she deposit such amount once the fund allocated?

    pls notify as soon as possible.

    thanks and regards.

  37. can we buy ASW 2020 thru the general post office?

  38. can my mum buy asw 2020 for? she already 61 years old.

  39. if anything happen (dead) to the owner, who will get the money b’cos the account cannot put joint name.

    • @Shirly

      That’s why you need to have a will. Then you can nominate the person who will be getting your money.

      If you don’t have a will, your money will be distributed according to the law.

      P.S. Pardon me but when you open up the account, can’t you nominate a beneficiary if something happens to you? Try checking that with those guys at PNB.

  40. Malathi says:

    I already have an account in ASB from the year 1996. Can i put my money in same account. Can i take my EFP to buy this units?

  41. Vincent says:

    BTW. I just come back from a CIMB branches in Pg.. All unit SOLD out at 12noon. so no more ASW unit available anymore.

  42. sheryna says:

    early morning i went to rhb bank to buy wawasan 2020, what unlucky day, officer of the bank said that ASB system down.when went to other bank,they said sudah habis…… just 10 am .

  43. sheryna, we had the same prob..pity us wuwuwu

  44. I queue at maybank, 7:45am at one of the Maybank Branch, KL town centre. To my suprise, i manged to queue at no 2. I have 1 account to top up and 3 new account to opened. The No 1 is a lady, she has 3 to top-up and 1 new a/c to open. Bank opened at 9:15a.m., and two counters are serving the queue. means indirectly i’m also first customer. Guess, what time i walk out from the Bank, 10:15am….1 hour…i managed, this is my first time to buy wawasan 2020. I really can see the crowd starting from 9 to 9:15,…it is pointless, as the queue is establishing fast that time. and i believed that day, the most it can process is only maybe 25 customers???from 10:15 to 11:50, depend on the number of new account opened as well!!!! wait for next round!

  45. From most of the newspaper that i read, i concluded that you must get an agent where you are confident with the staff (bank/post office or etc)before next launch. The Maybank branch that i went, i was very confident with them, initially, but i queued at no 2 and i only manged to go out at 10:15am….(3 new a/c and 1 top-up a/c) what about if you queue at 20, 40 or 60….???? Can you manage? from 10:15am to 11:50 am, with 2 counter is processing , no much they can do, that also consider system is ok, …..SO, guys, ready for next battle, find an agent, where you are ok with it , try again next time. Need not go the the PNB HQ, that side people start to queue at 4am,….sorry-lah….find a branch where you can queue at first 5….at lease, then your chance is there…good luck

  46. khairul hilmi says:

    everybody are so crazy about ASW2020… but they forgot about others channel of investment… unit trust also one of wealth accumulation… am i right nadlique???
    can contact me @

  47. khairul hilmi says:

    yes nadlique… i;m attached to cimb wa… r u cfp? from ur blog looks like u r pro about financial management… so i can learn from u…

    • I’m still a long way from being a pro 😛

      I am currently working on getting my CFP accreditation. Still in the early days I’m afraid.

  48. khairul hilmi says:

    dont worry… sy pun nk plan amik cfp gak… keje yg recession proof…

  49. so, basicly we can withdraw our EPF in acc 1 to buy units right??

    • @beck

      if I’m not mistaken, you have to satisfy a few requirements before being able to do so. There’s a minimum amount that you need to maintain in your account 1. Also, I doubt that you can invest all of the amount into other assets.

      best check with EPF direct.

  50. rodney bakon says:

    i m a new comer in your blog,my question is ,can i invest in asw 2020 eventhough my asb is come to the maximum RM 200,000 ? thank you.

    • hi rodney, welcome to my blog.

      there’s no problem with investing in ASW 2020 even though you have maxed out your ASB. ASB and ASW 2020 are two totally different products. However, I’m afraid that ASW 2020 is subject to availability of units. So, if there are no units available, you can’t get in.

  51. rodney bakon says:

    i like to read your block very much, very informative concerning saham.

  52. rodney bakon says:

    i like to read your blog very much, very informative concerning saham.

  53. If I want to redeem RM2000, will I get exactly RM2000? Any other charges when I redeem?

  54. kelvin says:

    Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 ini bilakah akan dibuka lagi untuk para pelabur yang ingin melabur pada tahun ini?


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