New Project on Contract-for-Difference (CFD)

Hi all!

I’ve got an announcement to make. I’d like to introduce a new blog project of somebody close to me entitled “Pumpy’s CFD Trading Journal“.

Basically, the blog is a journal of a 5-year-old little elephant in trading Contract-for-Difference (CFD).

In that blog, you shall follow Pumpy in his quest to achieve financial independence through Contract-for-Difference (CFD) trading.

Have a look at the blog, bookmark it, and add it to your blogroll if you don’t mind. Pumpy told me that he will link back to your blog/website!

Visit Pumpy’s CFD Trading Journal here at

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  1. hello pumpy,

    if i invest AUD100 per day, could you return to me AUD115? say your average gain 15%/day. can you invest for me?

  2. hi 🙂

    haha, what are you thinking there? get-rich-quick schemes or something?

    it’s hard enough to return 15% per year, let alone 15% per day. in other words, 15% per day is, well.. impossible.

    on pumpy’s blog, you might see that the first day’s return was close to 20%, but pumpy has not updated his blog yet with the whole week summary. he had in fact made a loss. quite a big one i have to say.

    and no, pumpy will not take people’s money to invest.

  3. nad,

    Honestly to say, i have earned plenty of money in australia but i really don’t have any idea where to invest that money.

    what would you do if you were me?

  4. your best bet would be to go to a licensed financial adviser, explain to him your situation, then he’ll draw up a plan.

    that’s the most sensible thing to do first, in my opinion.

  5. Either short selling is the way to earn profit in down market or not?I have just started CDF trading market business.I am not aware so much about this smart game.Can anyone suggest me best way to earn profit in this area?

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