What is more important to you? Money or Family & Friends?

One of the most common questions posed to mankind is this:

“What is more important to you? Money, family and friends, religion, or life principles?”

So, what’s your answer? How do you rank these things in your life?

I’m sure the choice of most would be “Of course family and friends Nadlique!”

I read an article in Australia’s Money Magazine February 2008 edition a few days ago that totally changed my perspective. If you ask me now, quoting from Roger Corbett (Woolworth’s former CEO and current director of Reserve Bank of Australia), I would say:

“I don’t think of ranking these things. They are all integral parts of what makes up life for you, and they are all important. They’re like legs to a table. You need all four.”

So there you go. These elements can’t live without each other. In fact, they complement each other. We can’t say money is more important for the fact that without family and friends, we would live in misery. We also can’t say that family and friends are more important than money for the fact that without money, we would suffer. The same thing goes with religion, life principles, and whatever you have on your list.

Okay, now for fun, let’s enjoy a song by Yael Naim entitled “New Soul”. I absolutely adore this song.

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  1. Yes, you’re right. All of them are equivalent. But if you force me to rank I think I will rank money, family and last one is friends. Actually there is another thing more important than 3 of these is “health”. 🙂

  2. Definitely, health is really really important. Without health, all other factors do not matter anymore.

  3. I think I put family first in my prior list. What if your brother was innocently sent to jail? Of course we need a good lawyer, and a good lawyer always comes with huge fees. Then we need money to pay him or her.

    What i want to say is think of the family first. If they need our money then give it. For me money comes second.

  4. I think what I was trying to project is whether or not we can live with one, without the other.

    I still maintain that all of the above (i.e. money, family, friends, and etc.) are equals.

    Personally, even with family and friends, but without money, I doubt that I’ll live. With money but without family and friends, I don’t think there’s even a reason for me to live.

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