Microsoft’s Bill Gates no longer world’s richest man

Guess what folks? Bill Gates has been dethroned and no longer the richest man on earth, after maintaining that spot for 13 straight years. He is now in third place.

Warren Buffett overtook him and became the richest man on earth with USD 62 billion. Second place was secured by Mexico’s Telecom Mogul Carlos Slim Helu with USD60 billion.

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  1. oh warren buffet..

    dah add dah link 😀

  2. He is really an amazing guy. Congratulation to him! 🙂

  3. But then, his influence still rise as Microsoft products are using tremendously nowadays
    P/S: Hope that more open source program will coming soon..huhu

  4. True true 🙂

    Actually, to be honest, I’m sure to him, it really doesn’t matter whether he’s the richest or the 10th richest. The amount of money he has right now is beyond imagination. Could last 100 generations (maybe more??), I can imagine. Plus he’s doing a lot of charity work.

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