Malaysian prodigy Sufiah Yusof became a prostitute. Sufiah Yusof menjadi pelacur.

Do you still remember when a while back, our nation was put in awe with the news of Sufiah Yusof, a child prodigy, being accepted into one of world’s most prestigious university, Oxford, when she was only 13? Ever wondered what happened to her?

Well, after years of tormented life under her dad’s guardian (so it seems), and a failed marriage, she now calls herself Shilpa Lee and work as a £130-an-hour prostitute in Manchester.

Here are a couple of news articles:

From winning a place at Oxford, to running away to become a waitress at an internet cafe, to tying the knots at a young age, to becoming a £130-an-hour prostitute.

What a transformation huh?

From genius to hooker.

Also, consider this little fact. Her dad, Farooq, was also jailed recently. For what you ask? Well, for molesting two 15-year-old girls when he was tutoring them for maths!

I guess if you look at the facts surrounding the case and put two and two together, you may come to the conclusion that this is a classic example of a child being pushed too “hard”. A child who was forced into an “education slavery” far too young without letting her being able to enjoy her childhood.

I believe that most of what she had done in the past was an act of defiance. A mutinous act against her father to illustrate “Hey, stop pushing me around. I need a life too!”. Though, of course, not knowing the actual specifics of the case, we can only speculate.

So, the big question: Even if your child is a genius, is it worth it to force-feed a child like that, pressuring him or her to the limits (or beyond the limits for that matter), and slaughtering his childhood life?

Fine, that kid must be amazingly brilliant academically and he might perhaps graduate from a university when he’s 10, 12, or even 15 years old, but what can you achieve from that? Is a 10-year-old degree holder equipped with sufficient REAL-LIFE knowledge and able to cruise through life? How are their “street smart” meters measuring up?

All in all, I believe that pressuring a child too hard and putting him/her through the system too early is not a way to go. Yes, finishing up the traditional schooling system a tad early might be fine, but not to the expense of the child not being able to have a childhood. Yes, teach him physics and maths but also remember to equip him with the knowledge (or at least the experience) of main guli, and main galah panjang. Let him experience how it feels like to participate in school activities, becoming a debater, being in the police cadet (Kadet Polis). Let him experience how it feels like hating a teacher or sneaking in a comic book to school. Let him be able to have a crush on a fellow school mate and blush when that person smiles at him. Let him be able to say “Yay yay, Ahmad jatuh. Yay yay, Ahmad jatuh” when his friend falls off a chair.

In other words, let the child experience growing up.

Yes, find ways to stimulate and challenge his abilities, but not only focusing on the academics side but also practical (real life) side. Most importantly (as I’ve mentioned time and time again), let the kid grow up in a normal way!

Saya rasa, budak genius tapi lurus bendul, tak guna jugak.

So there you go, my thoughts on this issue.

P.S. The folks involved with Adi Putra, do exercise caution with that kid yeah?


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  1. tell u what.. she’s got a yummy set of knockers though. those puppies are still perky and them nibblies are nice and brown and are like raised antennas, ready for action. will prolly look her up if im in her area for a bit of u know.. counselling session.

  2. Dude, come on. Really not a nice thing to say.

  3. Abdul Hamid says:

    Yes, this is a classic case of where the rest of society can play the game of being ‘holier then thou’ and score points in their own mind by play-acting at being ‘charitable’ and ‘concerned’.

    Everybody in life has to grow through their own experiences and even if you make a mistake somewhere along the line [and however big that mistake is], that doesn’t mean you are eternally condemned. I think all these people should just leave Sufiah alone, let her get on with her own life and let her make her own mistakes. For God’s sake there are millions of hookers all over the world. What are all the ‘do-gooders’ out there doing about it and have any of them ever stopped for one moment to think about why the hell despite the number of ‘do-gooders’ around, they have never managed to make much of a difference in matters like these!

  4. It is true that everybody makes mistakes and they should be given the chance to learn from those mistakes and redeem themselves.

    However, everybody is making a big fuss over Sufiah’s “bungle” mainly because of her high profile status.

    Genius Kid turned whore = the whole world coming to an end.

    Never mind others who failed to finish high school, got pregnant and had to make ends meet by prostituting themselves. Who cares about them.

    As harsh as that may sound, that’s the reality of our society. We get all emotional when these things happen to high profile folks but we turn a blind eye when commoners got trapped into the same problem.

  5. Maybe she lost her mind in middle of the journey.. so she decided to become hooker. Or, something that excite her rather than study in become top student

    I think hooker is a good career, if you remove the thought of morality and religion issues. That job really promises you a lot of money, that’s why she chose to become hooker.

  6. You are right, minus morality, ethics and religion, prostitution is a lucrative industry. That’s why a lot of women (and men) chose to become prostitutes, exotic dancers, and etc.

  7. FatenBest says:

    You are so so good in writing, especially in English. I study in US now for almost 2 years, but I don’t have confident writing blogs in English (I wrote in Malay) and I don’t have good vocab like u do. The vocabulary that I have are just Petroleum and engineering vocabs, because they are my major. I love writing, but all my essays and writing assignments have to be send to writing center first before submitting them; for the people to correct my grammar, etc. If not, I will receive a D for my paper. I won 3rd place in writing competition last year, I think I won it because of the good issue that I discussed in my writing. My grammar and sentences have been checked by writing center people. i don’t satisfied with it because i still need other people to correct it for me. Can u please give me suggestion and reply my message by email?

  8. Salaam Faten.

    Thanks for that. I’ll e-mail you pretty soon. Though, I can’t really offer you much help 😛

  9. my friend showed me this page, which I believe it explains some misunderstanding of people upon this issue.

  10. Just read that.

    Unfortunately, it still does not change the fact that the kids went through a pretty torturous hell under the father.

  11. Mummy22Kids says:

    Goes to show…just because you’re an aclaimed genius, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re smart. Adi Putra’s parent had better keep that in mind otherwise who knows, 10 years later, we’ll all be reading of a certain math genius turned drug addict or pusher or something down that line.

    Oh another thing, the girl’s 23, quit playing the blame game but then, like I said, just because she’s a genius doesn’t necessarily mean she’s smart lol. 😛

  12. babart says:

    shame,coz actually i’m a teacher,and certainly his father was 1 of the reason why in teachers’ education system,ilmu pendidikan or education philosophy is a very important core subject,as we also learn the pshycological development of a child,through many theorist such as andrew kohlberg,anna freud,and so on.the needs and wants,their behavior,and how we nurtured and exploit it to the beter future for them. for those who have kids,u might find these books of the theorist i mention is very interesting though..
    cheers everybody~~

  13. Natasha L says:

    I love this blog. 😀

    I mean yeah, studying hard and getting accepted into Oxford at the age of 13 is unless you’ve felt and enjoyed life with your multiracial friends. Playing hopscotch, fishing with the boys. Come to think of it, I really miss those days, haha!

    Thanks for brighting up my day! (Even if it’s 8:35 pm already.)

  14. Hi Natasha 🙂

    Here’s something that I want to share. There’s this professor at my university and he said that he himself was a slow learner. He could start reading only when he was 10 years old. And now he’s a PhD holder and a lecturer.

    Also, to me, it really doesn’t matter which school or how early you go to that school. What matters at the end of the day is how you make use of what you learned.

  15. A sad story, but if she uses her maths skills she should be able to get a better job – even though the pay may be less!

  16. Probably the lure of money is keeping her to that job.


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