Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (Dr. M) akan naik semula jadi Perdana Menteri? Dr. M rising to become the Prime Minister again?

Hell no! Tun Mahathir is not going to take the Prime Ministership again. Not in a million years. Even when asked the question of whether he will be returning to active politics, he replied, “I won’t return to active politics but if they want advice, I can give them. How can I return when once I stepped down they treated me like a pariah?” (Source: Malaysiakini.com)

Wanting to become the next Lee Kuan Yew I see. Tak payahlah Tun. Buat sakit hati je.

In fact, our ‘beloved’ Abdullah Badawi, or Pak Lah, has sworn in this morning at 11 a.m. He is officially the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I watched the news (TV3 and NTV7) just now and I could have sworn I saw a tinge of disappointment on Agong’s face. Meh, maybe it’s just me.

So, there you go, another 5 years of Pak Lah, assuming there won’t be a coup within UMNO’s factions.

Anyway, talking about that, there were groups who called for a protest in front of the Istana Negara to object Pak Lah’s appointment. Haih.. Dah lah tu! It’s only been a few days. Takkanlah every single time pun tak agree, street protest, street protest, street protest. Apa ni. Barisan Rakyat has achieved so much already, go get some rest, gather yourself, and prepare to govern the states that have been won. Remember the promises that were made to the Rakyat. Plus, street demonstrations are illegal in the first place.

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  1. summersby says:

    yeah,you are right,
    Maha-DEAL sure dreaming of coming back to the stage,
    so that he can make more deal with para hakim to carry out more tangkap more ISA,
    and he also will deal with para CEO company to have more contract, more AP, more money, all suap into his swiss bank account and to his son!

    Then all malaysian will only ‘one voice’ again to greeting the era of this tyrany MahaDeal coming back!!

  2. abdullahstepdown says:

    All along BN has ignored the minorities and also marginalized them(chinese and Indians).
    BN-Umno needs to reform all leaders and components party dont have confidence in his administration even the component parties (MCA, MIC, PPP) has ask not to take up any cabinet seats or remain in their same position as it is going to be worst in the near future if he still remains. Making way for young ignorant and inexperienced candidate will do no good as it is still the same people who is running the show. He should be responsible like the rest of the leaders to resign as Prime Minister for Malaysia.
    Having Khairy as his so called advisor and Hishammudin so called troublemaker is going to proof disastrous
    Meritocracy system has been proven and tested is still the best not marginalizing the chinese , indian and other minorities where everyone is equal too bad hey do away with this Malaysia since 1969 always favouring the Malays and with connections within the parties.

  3. bumiputra power says:

    to abdullahstepdown

    Don’t be too cocky,just because PR had wrestled 5 states from BN(actually 4).Plus you and your bulls**t PR comrades shall go to hell.

    It’s not a wise move to tease bumiputras,esp us the malays.Our rights are legally protected as mentioned in malaysian constitution, and if u like it or not,u have no choice but to accept it.

  4. yusri says:

    I think the re-entry of Mohd Izam and others from PKR is a long term ploy strategically. Its the only way to
    infiltrate UMNO and act as a spoiler and to gather more
    followers and support from within. Just like Dr M mentioned as a Trojan Horse. It may happen or not but it can also be a possibility. To safeguard the interest of UMNO is to have a check and observation with Ex PKR who are joining back.

  5. What a fuck crap you are Nadlique..hahaha

  6. Says the person who hasn’t got the balls to identify him or herself and justify his usage of profanity.

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