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Teacher-Student Sexual Harassment – True Story

The topic of the day is sexual harassment. Aisyahrozi talked about her experience. Mohd Ismail talked about his. Now, I’ll talk about my experience.

Well, it’s actually not about me being sexually harassed. It’s about a friend of mine.

This happened when I was in primary school. I think it was in standard 3.

The perpetrator = A married female teacher (I’m assuming she was already married).

The victim = a boy.

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Why Most Fail in Stocks & Commodities – Traders’ Perspective

This is a video that I found on YouTube as to why most traders fail to succeed in trading stocks and commodities.

The person in the video is a floor trader based in Chicago.

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Sex Education: Daddy, Mummy, what’s a condom?

Talking about sex education, I’ve got a scenario for you.

Do you notice the condoms displayed in 7-Eleven outlets, shopping malls, Kedai Runcit, and etc. They can clearly be seen by adults and children right? Sometimes, they are displayed at the checkout counters!

I was wondering, what if one day, your child happens to notice those condoms and ask you the million-dollar question:

“Daddy/Mummy? What are those?” (asking you in a pretty loud voice while pointing towards the condoms)

How are you going to answer?

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Tax Tax Tax… Income Tax Again…. Cukai Lagi…

In addition to reptiles, there’s another thing that I’m not really fond of. They are… taxes…

I’m supposed to file my quarterly tax statement by tomorrow and I’m just starting to fill in the documentations now. It has got nothing to do with the “deferring payment strategy“, but rather, it is due to pure laziness… and my lack of liking towards taxes.. Hehe..

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My First Sex Book – How to educate your child about sex

Personally, I love books. And I love spending my time at bookstores. Recently, I went to an Angus & Robertson’s outlet and found a rather interesting-and-non-orthodox title. The title was:

How Was I Made?

A first book about sex

I thought, now, that’s interesting! It’s a book about sex… for kids!

After browsing the book, I had to proceed to the checkout counter and purchase myself one. The pictures in the book and the language used…. were just effin hilarious!

Before you continue reading, please be warned that there are a few “naughty” pictures you’re about to see. “Naughty” pictures catered for children that is.

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The Art of Trading by Christopher Tate

Title: The Art of Trading
Author: Christopher Tate
ISBN: 1-876627-63-8
Number of pages: approximately 230 pages

This book by Christopher Tate entitled “The Art of Trading” is, in my opinion, one of the best books out there. Very very beneficial to somebody starting out or long-timers who are in need of some tweaking.

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My take on Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM)

A reader of Nadlique’s Blog, Armandd, has asked for my perspective on Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM). I was supposed to do this write-up a couple of day ago. Sorry for the delay.

This entry might cop me some flaks from the Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) hardcores. So, allow me to say that these are just my own personal opinions. Thus, it could be wrong. Anyhow, do share any ideas or comments through the comments section. Let’s have a constructive discussion.

Ok, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details.


So, what does Nadlique think about Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM)? Read on…

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How Currencies are Pegged (Fixed Foreign Exchange Rates)

This is a continuation of my initial entry to address questions posed by Fariehaz in an earlier article on FOREX trading.

As usual, I’ll keep it simple. I won’t get into too much details.

First of all, currency peg means fixing the exchange rate of one currency against the other (contrast with floating exchange rates). For example, the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) was pegged with the US Dollars (USD) at 3.800, after the Asian financial crisis.

So, how is a currency pegged?

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What Determines Foreign Exchange (Currency) Rates

Fariehaz, in my original entry on FOREX trading, asked me a couple of questions. They were:

1. What determines Foreign Exchange rates.
2. How currencies are pegged.

In this entry, I will address the 1st question. I will keep it as simple as possible. Only basic explanations will be provided. No in depth explanations will be done in this entry.

There are number of factors that contribute to changes in Forex rates. Below are some of them.

1. Interest rate movements

A rational investor will often look for the best place, in terms of returns, to park their money. If interest rates were high and outlook for the stock market is grim for example, then currency might be the better option (more attractive). Then, currency becomes more expensive due to the high demand..

Also, if you look at two countries. For example, the United States of America and Australia. Australia, at the present moment, has a higher interest rate than the US of A. Thus it makes more sense to park money here in Australia than in the US, thus earning a higher interest. Again, this will drive US Dollars down and push the Aussie Dollars up. This is what you call as… CARRY TRADE.

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Paper Trading FTSE 100 Day 2 – 11th April 2008

Here are the results for day 2. For day 1, refer to this entry.

Trade 1
Bought at 6006 (18:00), exited at 6002 (18:55).
Loss: 4 points.

Trade 2
Shorted at 6002 (18:55), exited at 6010 (20:05).
Loss: 8 points.

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