ANDA Coin, Note & Stamp Show 2008: Coins Acquisitions (Malaya, State of North Borneo)

This entry will be dedicated to coins.

I didn’t get as many coins as I would like. I only purchased three. All of them goes under the Malaya theme.

I actually wanted to also get some Roman and other earlier coins. Oh well, maybe next time.

Ok, here are the pictures.

20 cents – Commissioners of Currency Malaya (1945)

5 cents – State of North Borneo (1921)

2 and a half cents – State of North Borneo (1903)

Oh, I also acquired a limited edition Royal Perth Mint ANDA coin show silver coin as a souvenir. A pretty nice piece I must say.


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  1. not a collector says:

    Dude, i hope you didn’t pay to much for those items. I am not really a collector but i remember seeing some of those items among my personal stuff. I remember seeing the 1 dollar note, the 1 cent note (the back is blank, right?), and the 20 cents coin. I actually have a bunch of the 20 cents coins and i remember i have a squarish coin as well (can’t remember in what deno). If you are from the Klang Valley or will be back some time, i don’t mind parting with a few. I am NOT selling. I can give to you since you may treasure it more than i do. Please note that mine is not in mint condition. I am not a serious collector and just happen to have them from my grandparents time (i think).

  2. Nah, I certainly didn’t pay much for those items.

    Thanks for the offer mate. Will contact you pretty soon 🙂

  3. hello Nadlique… i’m a coin collector… can i buy this old coin ?
    2 and a half cents – State of North Borneo (1903)
    5 cents – State of North Borneo (1921)
    20 cents – Commissioners of Currency Malaya (1945)

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