Olympic Torch Invitation Virus Hoax – Burning Hard Disc Hoax

I’ve just received an e-mail prompting me to ignore any e-mail messages that arrives with attachments called “Invitation” or “Postcard”. Supposedly, it is a new virus called the Olympic Torch virus that if opened, will destroy the hard drive of your computer.

Folks, this e-mail is just a HOAX!!!

Read here:





I suspect that this is just another ploy by certain perpetrator to harvest people’s e-mail addresses, just like the Bill Gates e-mail hoax. Harvest e-mail addresses how? Well, when I forward the e-mail to you, you forward it to your friends, and your friends forward it to their friends, and all the e-mail addresses will be listed in the e-mail. This is with the assumption that you insert your mates’ e-mail addresses in the “cc” section. Later on, the e-mail might reach back to the original sender, with thousands if not millions of e-mail addresses. If you put the addresses in the “cc” section, it will be visible to everybody, remember that! Have you ever wondered why you’re getting spam mails? This is amongst the many other methods to get people’s e-mail addresses.

Moral of the story:

1. When forwarding e-mail messages, insert e-mail addresses in the “Bcc” field rather than the “cc” field.

2. When you receive a file attachment, scan the file first with your virus scanner.

3. Don’t make it a habit to open just any file attachments you receive!

4. Stop sending chain letters you idiots people!


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  1. owh how i head chain letters..those send in emails and in friendster or myspace 😛

    ur taged by the way 🙂

  2. i remember that post of yours… 🙂 didn’t know this was another one of those fake emails…

  3. @irdzra

    Yeah, I loathe chain letters. The funny thing is, there are people who love these sort of thing. They enjoy reading and forwarding these things.

    Will do the tag a.s.a.p 🙂


    yeah, this is another one. chain letters and fake mails are still alive and kicking out there 😛

  4. kookimebux says:

    Hello. And Bye. 🙂

  5. Great post, really help me alot. Thanks

  6. dontTryme says:

    Hehehe , That was really a great destructive virus .

    I already encountered that virus in my Old yahoomail account ,. that time , I didn’t know that it was a Virus
    which is the “Invitation” email virus . I opened it a there it goes , the Olympic Torch Hoax Virus .
    So the computer that I used was totally wasted , sorry for the Computer Cafe owner , hehehe .

    waiting for a solution on that problem.

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