One more to go and I’ll be leaving on a jet plane…

So… one more paper to go before the one-month winter holidays officially begins!

The best part is, I’ll be going back to Malaysia next week. Yippee! It was a rather last minute decision actually. There are quite a lot of things to be done in Australia and I wanted to stay here for the hols, but I’m afraid, there’s a much more pressing matter to attend to in KL. So, yup, will be spending one month in KL.

I was lucky that there were seats left! Wanted to go for Air Asia but the air fare was pretty pricey. Well, that is to be expected, considering the date of travel to be less than two weeks. So, tried my luck at the travel agent near the university and surprise surprise, I’ll be flying on the full-service Royal Brunei. Guess what? The airfare is the same as Air Asia’s. I’ll be flying to KL via Bandar Seri Begawan and will spend a night there (fully paid by the airline of course!). Looking forward to the one-night-in-Brunei experience actually 🙂

I tried google-ing for things to do in Brunei and unfortunately, I can’t find anything much that interests me! Not to mention, Brunei’s own tourism website is not really that helpful. No offence to Bruneians though. I’m sure your country is amazing. Perhaps any of you might recommend good spots to visit?

On one website, I tried clicking on “Bandar Seri Begawan Attractions”, and guess what came up…

Yeah, it reads as “Sorry, there are no attractions for Bandar Seri Begawan”. LOL

Oh, on another unrelated matter, earlier today, I wanted to know what is “Fountain” in Bahasa Melayu and this website gave me a rather funny translation. Ladies and gentlemen, “Fountain” in Bahasa Melayu is….

I don’t know about you but “air pancutan” sounded a bit… obscene to me 😛


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  1. You asked for good spots to visit in Brunei??
    If you could spare the time, the Kampung Ayer is a good one. Take a boat (speedboat) ride around the kampung… snaking around the houses, under the bridges… its cool.
    The museums are also Ok – if you are interested in that sort of thing.. there is this one museum where they keep all the Sultan’s stuff for special occasion.. nice!
    The other one is the ‘floating’ masjid – its not really floating lah.. it is just in a moat-sort-of-thing. Oklah! 🙂
    If you have the time, take a ride to the impressive Empire Hotel – brilliant hotel, luxuries, spacious, breath taking.. beautiful landscape too!
    Not far from that is the Jerudong Park, which was the main attraction some years back.. (theme rides, etc).. but honestly, for last few years its not attractive anymore.. no maintenance!
    Apart from that.. indeed.. not much to see or do in Brunei.. try out some of the local delicacies like ambuyat (starch-gum whatever eaten with sambal), salai fish (cant recall the name), the keropok udang are of high quality – made from udang mostly (not tepung!), what else.. dunno lah.. go to the tamu.. am sure you’ll see something new! 🙂

    Have fun in Brunei! 🙂

  2. terpancut pulak!
    kelakar BM kita..

    patut kita ikut indon, funtan?

  3. nyways, good luck for ur exams.

    really enjoy ur youthfull enthusiasm re investing!

    i myself will be heading back to the motherland for summer myself.

    KL seems to be a fantastically interesting place this next few weeks.

    if ur active in activiti jalanan( u knoe wat i mean), perhaps we may meet july 5! The time for action has come.. Jom ramai ramai pii KLCC

  4. So, how was the “aktiviti jalanan” ? Haha.

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