Property Investing: My First Apartment in Kota Bharu, Kelantan

One of the toughest investment market to break into for youths (although some managed to do it successfully!) is the property market. Two of the major barriers to entry for direct property investment is lack of capital and inability to secure a home loan.

Fortunately for me, I managed to get into the property market earlier this year. This post will be about that.

Talking about property investing in Malaysia, I guess it’s true what people say, handing over ownership from the previous owner to the new owner can take months! In fact, in my case, it was only settled a couple of weeks ago.

I first wanted to hold the property under a company but in Kelantan, if you do just that, you will not be entitled to a freehold title but rather a leasehold title for only 60 years.

I actually intend to rent out the apartment on a nightly basis (something like a guest house) but I think it is a much better idea to rent out the apartment to tenants on a long-term basis. Less problems, less headaches.

Why apartments? Well, I guess it’s because of the cash flow issue. At the present moment, I am more interested in cashflow rather than capital gain.

Anyway, any youths or the young at hearts 😉 out there already made a break in property investing? Do share your experience!

By the way, to anybody who wants to rent an apartment in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, you can contact me! The apartment is fully furnished 😉


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About nadlique

This blog is about the journey of a 28-year-old Malaysian towards financial freedom. This blog was started back when the blogger was 21 years old. However, his journey towards financial freedom had begun way before that. Materials such as investing, business, entrepreneurship, equities, and real estate are presented. The author also posts his thoughts and observations on life in general.


  1. Dear Nadlique, where exactly in KB this apartment is located? Boleh I tolong sebar2kan kepada kawan2 yg berminat.

  2. Salam Nadlique,

    Waaahh.. dah beli apartment.Congrats my friend! As for me, at the age of 29 y.o baru I dpt beli property i.e apartment. Anyway, I’m happy because I managed to buy it before I turned 30.I believe in property investment and hoping to purchase another property in 3 years time, this time a landed property of course. Insya-allah.

  3. well done.. hmm btw, i assume ur a full time student rite?

    how did u convince the lenders to loan u?
    or u ninja-loaned them?

  4. Impressive.

    ~~~~~~you are so much similar to my dad.tapi yang younger version.Haha.

  5. @JNR

    Saya tak boleh cakap dgn spesifik sgt dlm blog ni, tapi apartment tu dekat dgn KB Mall. Thanks JNR!


    Thanks Fisha. Good to hear that you’ve bought yourself a property too. Indeed, real estate offers solid investment opportunities.


    Yup, I am a full-time student, but I’m also working.

    I actually didn’t go for the conventional type of loans. But I’m afraid I can’t share the specifics just yet.


    Introduce la your dad to me. Mana tahu, boleh jadi business partner. Haha.

  6. what do u think of buying “under-development” houses? aiyo, tanya pon xguna sebab sudah terbeli. terpengaruh dgn showroom unit.. haih~

  7. Rumah yg masih dalam pembinaan? Utk saya, tengok situasi lah. Kalau untuk tujuan pelaburan, saya tak berapa minat sangat. Saya ada tulis artikel pasal tu. Cuba baca kat bawah ni:

    Murah tu memang murah kalau dibandingkan dgn rumah yg dah siap, tapi risiko jugak tinggi.

    Tapi, kalau untuk tujuan duduk sendiri, lain cerita lah kot.

    Apa-apa pun, terpulang kepada citarasa masing-masing. Memang byk yg beli rumah masih dalam pembinaan untuk tujuan pelaburan, dan mereka berjaya.

  8. Cik Melor says:

    ur apartment is awesome. and so does the furnishing. investment huh? no wonder u chose to study in numbers rather than facts. how i adore ppl like u who think ahead for the future. unlike me, im still in a box. i still cudnt figure out wats outside of the box. congrats 😉 good luck. i think property is a good way to invest.

  9. Cik Melor says:

    but i was wondering. why kota bharu? are u from there?

  10. Wat is the real estate rules of kelantan?

    Heard there’s rule forbiddin outsiders from holding landed property?
    IS that right?

  11. Yes, landed properties, only Kelantanese are allowed to own.

    For apartments/condominiums and etc., anybody can own, but it must be under an individual’s name. If you want to sign under a company’s name, then you are only entitled to a 60-year leasehold.

  12. Cik Melor,

    Welcome to my blog 🙂

    Why Kota Bharu? Well, the right deal came along and the price was right, so I thought, what the heck, let’s take a plunge.

    Oh, and also, my family is from Kelantan.

  13. i am interesting with your apartment… can please reply me ASAP for details?

  14. Alright, would you like me to e-mail you or just respond here?

  15. just to my email.. thank you.


  17. Just e-mail to me, thank you…

  18. ic ic.. if thats the rule, then i can see how kelantan properties can increase in price.. too many rules and regulations will bar new money into the state.. Perhaps that is wat the people wan?

  19. I think, what they’re trying to achieve is to avoid Kelantan being “invaded” (so to speak) by foreigners.

  20. Here some blog about property investment…
    pls check-up yourself… believe me it worth-it


  21. Hi,

    We are maybe interested in renting your apartment.
    Will you please mail me if it is still available and what about the monthly rate?


  22. Forgot my email

  23. im thinkin of rentin 1 room for 1 month only, starting from sptember.. this is serious.
    contact me if its possible. thanks.

  24. Nadlique,

    I’m currently living in KL but travel to KB 2-3x a month, I wanted to rent unfurnished apartment instead of staying in a hotel.

    Do you have any suggestion on who to contact or any website i can visit?
    I’m interested in Impiana Villa in Panji, Kota Bharu (but if you have any other suggestion please feel free to let me know)



  25. its good to know that someone so young is so focused on the future..although to be disciplined in money-management when its easily available is difficult.
    i’m currently living in kelantan..want to invest in properties to be rent out but have mixed feeling about it b’cos
    1)think rent in kelantan is too low to make up the monthly to make money out of it???
    2)how difficult is maintenance…
    3)want to buy apartment since its cheaper, but don’t think its available…know of anything suitable???

    can’t wait for ur response


  26. @Esya

    To be honest with you, I’m not too sure about that. What’s your budget anyway?


    Thanks yati. With regards to your questions:

    1) I guess with Kelantan, the ‘guest house’ market is the one to go for. In other words, serving the tourism market. Apart from that, the expatriates market is also of interest.

    2) With this question, I can only answer from my point of view. A lot of my extended family members are still in Kelantan. So, my mom paid my uncle and his wife to do the cleaning for my apartment. It’s not that difficult as long as you have your contacts. You know, like electricians, plumbers, and etc.

    3) I’m not too sure. Sorry. I haven’t been back to KB for quite sometime now.

  27. Hi,nadlique.

    Is apartment available now? — i’m looking for a house/apartment to rent in KB. I’m a full time student also working. Will u help?


  28. im looking for room for rent..ehheee..

  29. hi,
    If it’s not too sensitive – how much did you buy the apartment for in KB? and the capital appreciation so far?

  30. Is this rental still available ?

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