Brisbane Night Sky Photography Shots with Nikon D80

Alright folks, here are more Brisbane Night Sky photos snapped with my newly acquired Nikon D80. It is not from Mount Coot-tha (previous post). The photos were taken from the balcony of my friend’s.

Equipments used were the Nikon D80, a tripod, and a variety of lenses (the usual).

1. A photo of Brisbane’s night sky. On top of the hill, there’s actually a house.

2. Another one.

3. Yet another one. This one was taken with a AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens.

4. The one below, is it because of camera shakes or earth’s rotation? I think it was the earth’s rotation. Can anybody teach me how to snap a proper photo of the moon?

5. Queensland Police Service helicopter patrolling Brisbane night sky, creating the nice streaking effect.

Ok, that’s all for now 🙂


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  1. ala, ni la kamera yg aku idam-idamkan~ masih dalam my wishlist, blom granted lagi sebab masih considering to buy it. aku xde skill menangkap gambar.. sebab tu la rase cam ralat je nk beli mhl2..

    ok ok. nnt kalo agak2 dah rase bosan dgn kamera D80 ni, jual la kat aku dgn harge seken hen yek? huhu

  2. kalau takde skill boleh belajar 🙂

    Walaupun kamera ni dan aksesori nye agak mahal, puas hati jugak la beli.

    Nak beli dr aku nanti? tunggu lah 10 tahun kot. Haha.

  3. oh wow! these pictures are cool… actually, I kinda like the way the moon was captured here.. 😉

  4. Hehe, thanks Sting!

  5. a little late to the game… but those streaks are coming from the earth’s rotation.

    the trick to photographing the moon is that you actually expose it for daylight, since it is being directly lit by the sun. this means you can follow the “sunny 16” rule, or iso100, 1/100 shutter speed, f16. Of course this won’t expose the horizon like you have, so you will probably want to combine two photos to accomplish that.

  6. Thanks brett 🙂

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