Under Attack by a virus called XP ANTIVIRUS 2008 (How I got rid of it)

While surfing a webpage, all of a sudden, my firewall automatically turned off, and my wallpaper suddenly changed to a picture displaying “your computer has been infected by ‘so and so’ virus.”

I tried to revert back to my old wallpaper, but that option wasn’t available to me.

I tried to google my problem but I couldn’t get anywhere. I was instead forwarded  to random websites (browser hijacks???).

My reaction was, “oh shit, what now…

Next, a box popped up on the screen, prompting me to install something called “XP Antivirus 2008”. I was then brought to the “Terms & Conditions” box, where you are usually able to click “Agree” or “Don’t Agree”. The catch is, this time, there’s only the “Agree” button. On top of that, I can’t even click the “X” button on the box.

I then bothered to read the so called “Terms and Conditions” and there were things that I have never even heard of.

Lucky I had a backup computer. I used that to try scouting for some solutions from the web.

Yes folks, it’s a VIRUS.

Fortunately, I managed to get rid of the bloody thing out of my system.

I can’t cater this to your specific situation, but in my case, I got rid of the “XP Antivirus 2008” Virus by using a program called “Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware”. I downloaded it from CNET’s download website here.


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  1. Ahmad Nasri says:

    At least it went alright. Was your Zone Alarm alright? Did it just turn off then? I recommend getting a newer protection then. Lol.

  2. I was not using Zone Alarm. Guna Windows Firewall. Automatically tutup sendiri.

    Bengang giler siot.

  3. you don’t have any antivirus installed before you installed Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware? If got, you should check your antivirus program why it not do something when being attacked.

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