I love it when it rains…

A lot of people love sunny days. It’s different for me though. I prefer rainy days. I don’t know why. There’s something about a dark and gloomy day that I love so much.

I love staying at home when there’s heavy rain outside.

I love to drive during a heavy thunderstorm.

I love walking in the streets when dark skies loom over me.

Really, I don’t know why.

There’s once when Brisbane had a heavy hailstorm and I was driving through a highway by the Brisbane river. It was absolutely exhilirating! I had so much fun.

I love the rain. Rain gives me peace.


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  1. 10 minutes after I wrote this post, it started raining.

  2. natasya says:

    hmm when you cry in the rain, nobody knows bout it. save my pride and hide my agony…

  3. Honestly I love rain too except that when I have outdoor activities then that’s another story. I like driving during heavy rain too. I just feel good…

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