I want to be a pilot, thus the reason why I want to stay in Australia.

One of the deciding factors of whether I’ll be returning to Malaysia or staying in Australia is this. Which will give me a much better chance in pursuing my lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. This entry is with the assumption that I can’t get into any cadet pilot programs.

Here’s the situation. In Malaysia, it’ll cost me around RM250,000 for a 2-year-plus CPL + ATPL program. In Australia, it’ll cost me around AUD80,000 for the same program, plus the Flying Instructors’ course.

Imagine if I save a couple of thousand per month (if I’m lucky) in either countries and in their respective currencies, how long will it take? Earning AUD4,000 and save till AUD80,000 seems to be much closer than earning RM4,000 (again if I’m lucky) and saving for RM250,000.

If there’s a way for me to do my flying licence in Malaysia within the next couple of years, then I’ll gladly return to Malaysia, that’s for sure. However, I’m still figuring out that “one” way.

I’m still aiming for the cadet pilot programs though… God I hope I’ll get accepted into one. I don’t think anybody else is more obsessed (in a good way of course) about this than myself.


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  1. Not idea that you’re going to be pilot one day. Anyway, good luck to you! 🙂

    Btw, can’t you get a scholarship or something?

    • Thanks ChampDog.

      I am actually aiming for the cadet pilot programmes from major airlines. I’m throwing the figures out above just in case I can’t get in into any of them. Competitions in getting into the cadet pilot programmes are really fierce. So, I’m putting into perspective how much I need to save up to achieve my pilot’s license. There’s always the study loans though. Just that, I’m not putting too much hope on that.

  2. fuchsia73 says:

    hi, if i’m not mistaken there are around 4 cadet pilot training schools in Malaysia. (Langkawi,Melaka,Kota Bharu,Ipoh) It’s around RM210000. (Fees shot up since last year from ~RM160000, I suppose it’s good business hehe)Either you get a scholarship from MAS/Airasia or opt for a MARA loan which I see my frens are getting. Good Luck!

    • I am aiming for the cadet pilot programmes. However, time is running out. Afterall, I am getting older. That’s why as a fallback, I’ve got to prepare myself to pay on my own (which is going to be extremely hard). For HM Aerospace (Langkawi) and APFT (Kota Bharu), the course will set you back around RM230,000 to RM250,000 last time I checked.

      Oh, also, there are more than 4 flying schools in Malaysia at the moment.

  3. oh ya…actually how much the round figure to have a pilot course including license in Australia..is that easy and how long ya?

    • I don’t really have the figures with me at the moment but if I’m not mistaken, to get your license up till the Flight Instructor’s rating is around AUD80,000. Could be more, could be less. That doesn’t include ATPL by the way.

      Why I included the Flight Instructor’s course fees as well? Well, it’s pretty hard to get an airline employment with just the basic CPL hours as far as I know. Quite a lot of people are gaining their hours by becoming a flight instructor. Some also accumulate hours by becoming a charter pilot or even a pilot for skydiving companies.

    • In terms of whether it’s easy or not, getting a commercial license requires hard work actually. After all, a commercial pilot is trained to fly passengers one day.

      Doing all the licenses will perhaps take a year to a year and a half.

  4. Kudos !!
    Hope you achieve your ambition!!

  5. eh bro…kind of confuse here…you are currently in Aus. or still in Malaysia? sorry noob q here!

  6. wow..cool!
    At least I knows someone from Aus. to refer to..planning to migrate to Aus. next 2011 hehehe..mmm, can i ask a small favour?
    eh whats your email ya?
    Which part are you in Aus.?

    • Sorry for the late reply.

      If you want to contact me through e-mail, you can go through the “Contact Me” form located at the top right hand corner of the page. I can’t publish my e-mail here. Too much spam 😛

      I’m in sunny Queensland.

  7. Midget says:

    Bro , i think now the whole ATPL course in Malaysia will take you around 2 1/2 years to complete eventhough they tell you that it will only 18 months. Etihad Airways is offering a good cadetship programme. Check it out. As long as youre not older then 26 . Something like this. Goodluck !

    • Yup I know. Especially with Malaysia’s temperamental weather. You need to be extremely lucky to be completing it in 18 months. I’ve got a few friends who spent like you said, around 2 1/2 yrs to complete their CPL/IR and ATPL.

      Yeah, I am seriously looking into Etihad Airways’ cadet pilot programme.

  8. Oh cool…will contact ya then!

  9. hey nadlique, i wish you all the best okay =) hopefully you get either the program or the scholarship as soon as possible. if there’s a wish, there’s surely a way =)

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