Should I use a motorbike to commute?

Here’s another post in the ‘Australia or Malaysia?‘ series.

When I was in high school, I got my motorbike’s L (learner’s) license as soon as it was legal. I rode my loyal smashing red coloured Modenas Kriss everyday to school and to Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi. However, after I was done with SPM, I couldn’t be bothered with converting to full license and I let my license lapsed (Yeah, I know, dumb).

Anyway, due to the whole mumbo-jumbo of economic meltdown and the problem of expensive goods and services that we’re currently having, I am actually considering of opting for motorbike as a way of transportation to and fro work (When I get a job later on I mean).

What do you guys reckon?

The thing I remember about my Red Kriss was that it wasn’t a gas guzzler at all. And also, maintenance and operation costs were next to nothing compared to a car. It will definitely help a lot with how much is kept in my pocket at the end of the month.

The potential scenario could be, purchase a car as well as a bike but only use the bike regularly. Cars are only for weekends and for other recreational activities.

The only downside that I see is the safety issue. A big downside as a matter of fact. Nobody can deny that riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous.

Anyhow, using a motorcycle for work, definitely something I’ll be thinking about.


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