Blogging as a Business? What’s a blog anyway?

Blogging is one of the things that I actually enjoy doing. It has been an interesting journey so far. Apart from sharing ideas and thoughts, I also hope to earn some side income from my blog to keep me going. I treat my blog as a business.

Anyway, what’s a blog?

A blog, or a weblog is a website maintained by a person called the blogger. He/she posts interesting materials, his/her journal entries, pictures, videos, and more. Visitors are also usually able to leave comments and share their thoughts on the blog. I guess I can say that a blog is a more humanised version of a website. You are able to interact with people on a blog.

How to blog?

A blogger uses a blogging platform to maintain his/her blog. He uploads posts, materials, pictures, videos, musics and loads more through the blogging platform.

Blogging Platforms available out there?

There are many out there but I think the two common ones are WordPress and Blogger (Blogspot).

A wordpress blog’s URL is usually in the format of while a blogspot’s blog is in the form of

Sometimes, people use either one of this blogging platforms and couple them with their own domain names. That”s when you are able to get something like to go with your blog. Unfortunately, this costs money. You’ll be spending on domain names as well as web hosting.

Recommended Reading(s)

A really good book that I’d recommend is Start Your Own Blogging Business by Entrepreneur Press and J.S. McDougall . This is the book that got me going the first time around.

In the future, we’ll look at things like how to profit from your blog and how to market your blog.


Disclaimer: This article is not a specific nor general advice on managing or investing your money. This article does not constitute a recommendation nor does it take into account your investment objectives, financial situation nor particular needs.

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About nadlique

This blog is about the journey of a 28-year-old Malaysian towards financial freedom. This blog was started back when the blogger was 21 years old. However, his journey towards financial freedom had begun way before that. Materials such as investing, business, entrepreneurship, equities, and real estate are presented. The author also posts his thoughts and observations on life in general.


  1. natasya says:

    hype nadlique where r u now? it been more than a week u didnt post anything new. hmm keep coming actually but didnt post comment. dont know what to say.
    if u dont have topic, can i suggest something?
    discuss bout ‘why gov employee been given opportunity to continue their service while lot of young graduated jobless’ isnt it just wasting money because old people are old and should have their rest at home and enjoy their pension. besides, young can give better performance.

    • Hi Natasya,

      Where am I? Still in the Sunshine State I’m afraid.

      I’ve been busy with exams actually. That’s already out of the way but I’ve got to prepare for something else that’s due next week. Thus the reason why there are no new updates 🙂

      Interesting topic you’ve mentioned there actually. InsyaAllah, I’ll dedicate a post on that and we can all discuss.

  2. natasya says:

    good luck to u! :D:D:D

    very interesting one because i still can’t find the reason behind it. since i heard lot of women who work with gov bring mag or tudung and stitch in their office, like nothing to do in office. been pay to read mag in office!@#$% They continue the contract because who else want to give money for free except gov?they can do other job while got salary from gov. gov should observe b4 continue these kinda people who want to take advantages from gov.

  3. Hi Nadine. I heard a lot of people saying that blogging also makes money and thank you for sharing the book “Start Your Own Blogging Business by Entrepreneur Press and J.S. McDougall” for me to start with. Right now I am using Word press for my school works. I can recommend it because it is easy to use for beginners. You can add another page if you wanted to. So I use 1 page per subject. Hope we could hear more tips from you. Thanks –

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