Updates on my Public Mutual Investment (11/07/2009)

So far, total investment has gone down by around 15.52% since the start of the investment. Note, this refers to my unit trust investment only.


The data below was gathered on the 11th July 2009.

Public Far-East Consumer Themes Fund (PFECTF) >> Up 1.1% since the start of investment.

Public China Ittikal Fund (PCIF) >> Down 28.2% since the start of investment.

Public Asia Ittikal Fund (PAIF) >> Down 22.64% since the start of investment.

Public Islamic Dividend Fund (PIDF) >> Down 19.81% since the start of investment.

Public Far-East Property & Resorts Fund (PFEPRF) >> Down 19.74% since the start of investment.

Public Islamic Asia Dividend Fund (PIADF) >> Down 25.49 since the start of investment.

Public Islamic Enhanced Bond Fund (PIEBF) >> Down 1.06% since the start of investment.


Weightings of each fund:

PFECTF: 24.8% of portfolio.
PCIF: 20.7% of portfolio.
PAIF: 17.4% of portfolio.
PIDF: 17.4% of portfolio.
PFEPRF: 8.3% of portfolio.
PIADF: 4.1% of portfolio.
PIEBF: 8.3% of portfolio.


Disclaimer: This article is not a specific nor general advice on managing or investing your money. This article does not constitute a recommendation nor does it take into account your investment objectives, financial situation nor particular needs.

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  1. wooooww….so now, thinking of diversifying your investment? hahaha….i would like to propose to you CIMB-WA Islamic Greater China Equity Fund 😉

  2. nad.. just curious. why do invest in lots of funds ek? i previously did the same thing. but after some time, its hard for me to manage. so i consolidated into 3-4 funds only for better management and easier for me to do switching in case the need arise. i’m not an exclusive member. so every time switching, i would have to pay RM25. so lesser fund, the fee is smaller. unless you are an exclusive member, I cant see how it benefits u. care to explain?

  3. a few reasons actually.

    1. I want to have exposure in a few areas and risk profile. Consumer sector, China, property, international equities, domestic equities. I’m treating my bond fund as a kind of “risk control”. I also want to have a mixture of aggressive, medium, and low risk funds. However, a bulk of my UT holdings are of the aggressive temperament.

    2. There’s probably not much question about easier management in my case because I intend to hold on to these investments for quite some time. Market timing is really not my thing. So, most probably, I won’t be switching.

    3. Also in my case, even if I decide to switch, I don’t get charged any switching fees.

    4. I might be guilty of over-diversifying but some of the funds that I hold are only in small amounts. So, you could say, they are not that significant.

    anyway, this is my own view la 🙂

  4. yes I am. by the way, for item 3, there are already limitations for switching even if you are a mutual gold member.

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