My Public Mutual Investment Updates (20.08.2009)

I had a look at my Public Mutual online just now and it seems like things are somewhat recovering.

I’m about 10% away from point of breakeven.

I find it rather hard to believe that it recovered rather quickly. If things can rise this quickly, I’m sure that things can go down again just as fast.


Disclaimer: This article is not a specific nor general advice on managing or investing your money. This article does not constitute a recommendation nor does it take into account your investment objectives, financial situation nor particular needs.

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  1. same for my investment in public mutual fund. It is recovering, reaching the break even point very soon. Whats your strategy in unit trust investment? mind to share here?

  2. lonelyplanet92 says:

    u shd play the switching strategy, always switch to the better performing funds by PM, especially the top 5% of TRD ranked, whenever the rank drop from top 10% then u switch to those in the top 5% again, by doing that u will always get the best return

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